Re: Yoyospirit's Modding Thread: Update 4/18/14 Hot Yo Chilli

So instead of cluttering the boards with new polishes, I’ve decided to just compact them all into one neat little thread (And since all the other modders have their own thread, I got jealous ;)) So just check back here every now and then to see my work!!

Yoyojam Trinity

Yoyorecreation Sleipnir

Yoyofactory SuperNova (7075 Aluminum)

Aoda Perfect Storm

String Theory Yoyos Quark

One Drop Yoyos M1

Yoyofactory 2.0

Will be adding quite a few new polishes in the next week!

I love raw yo-yos, my favorite, those look great…keep up the good work. How long have you been doing mods? How much do you charge for such work? Let me know if you’d rather I PM regarding that.

I really like the look of the trinity the supernova and the m1 keep up the good work

Just shoot me a pm and in August it would be my 1 year anniversary for polishing :slight_smile:


SuperYo Samurai[/img]

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your work is awesome

I got bored today ;D

Man these took long to polish!!!

Oxygene Ozones

Yoyofactory Severe 2012

Yoyorecreation Clash 44

My severe
And Ozones come tomorrow! Yes!

I like the look of this one :smiley:

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Hmmm. Copy cat!! ;D

Hmmmm, the spikes on your Dv888 look familiar :wink:

Axles are like baby ducks, only momma can tell them apart!! ;D

Stripped and Polished Hspin Cut.

That Sleipnir is super sexy. I kinda want to send you something to strip so I can get a custom ano job. I don’t know what i want though >.<

Isn’t the yyr not a yyr but a magic t5? I remember seeing it a while back being called a t5, which is what it looks like with the convex hub and thin irg. I’m not totally sure but a sleipnir has a flat hub and wider irg right?

Really cool work.
Do you mask off the bearing seat so it still has ano to avoid galling?

Nope, I never mask off the bearing seat and there has never been a problem, the Sleipnir was an exception because the buyer requested it.

While polishing this, I realized the grooves were way too shallow to not sand off. What do you guys think of a grooveless Code 2?