dingo54 Blast and Polish thread.

I decided I needed a cleaner thread, so this is it.

Polishes are done with time and as much quality as I can. Here is an example http://i.imgur.com/JzLOfaG.jpg

These will differ in price depending on how much you want done (IRG’s or just catch zone) and what yoyo it is. PM Me for a price.

Blasting. This is done with a cabinet, and an air compressor capabile of doing twice of what is needed to make sure these come out with quality. These blasts are so fine, and grind so well! I also love the grey color it leaves the aluminum, it is very… elegant.

Blasts are 15$ Shipped! 8$ more for an additional yoyo, and 30$ shipped for 3 yoyos!

Just found out my beads will come Tuesday!


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Looks like yoyospirit has some competition :smiley:

Thanks! I have learned most of my tips from him, he is really nice!

Yep lol Dingo’s gonna give me and mullicabob a run for our money! Better up my game a bit!

Actually I got a free toaster oven from someone the other day and thought about Powder coating, but thoght “Eh, better not. Mullicabob is way too good.”

You should just sell the Toaster unless you need it.

I shouldn’t post but I noticed something- The bearing seat area is purple, shouldn’t it be stripped too?

That is actually the Purple Monkey snot, but for personal use I do not strip the bearing seat area, in this case I stripped all except for the actual bearing seat, but if anyone needed I could strip that too, it’s jsut that I didn’t want any of my yoyos stripped there.

So why is the purple not only in the groove? On the left side it looks kind of smeared or something.

Can you get pics of the yoyo, open?

At the risk of sounding rude why do you seem so set on looking for things to find fault with all the time?

That polish is absolutle perfect! end of story! just look at the throw! Everything ive seen dingo post is perfect!

Spend your time finding faults in your own work itll be a hell of alot easier than picking faults here!

again if i offend anyone im sorry but it had to be said!

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Im just asking, I think the polish is great. But we don’t want him to polish peoples yoyos and them leave negative feedback or something. My curiosity struck me.

But if there is a fault it is good to find it so he can fix it, if there was one. So he gets a good reputation for polishing :).

The reason it looks smeared so far is because it is reflecting the silicone from the opposite side of the yoyo

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It’s perfect, there, end of story because I said so.

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But I uh but but uh uh.

The wise words “Nothing can be perfect.”

FYI, blasting operation will open fully later this evening, I will be experimenting with a few things. And I hate to do it, but I will be blasting the t5 as part of these “experiments”, as well as my polished supernova.

I LOVE how you can still see the engravings, but I could remove them if needed.

dude it’s perfect.

does it work better to strip ano before blasting