MB's official blast thread..why not? Update..8/10/14 One of three for FYA Champs

Just a quick note. Those of you who sent items to me for bead blasting to be then sent to England1414 for ano have been shipped out. On the way as of 4/8/13.

Thank you all as always.



I love how you can still see the engraving on the Di-Base.

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The torrent lettering is there somewhere as well and it can actually be seen through the metallic red powder job I did on it.

Is there any advantage to blasting then powdercoating? I would think the pc just nullifies the blast.

The only reason I blast is to remove the ano. Also helps knock down some of the scratches and dings doesn’t remove them but helps a little.

All the powder coat jobs I have done have all been over a polished finish. So the blast goes bye bye. When they are blasted they make for some sweet grinds but the powder coat doesn’t grind too good due to it’s super smooth finish.

One of the perks of the powder over the ano is the durability. One of the powder jobs I did and then decided to strip off later I banged the yoyo into the concrete on purpose. Scratched the powder but not down to the metal if it had been anoed then it would have scratched bad for sure. With a little refinishing you can get the scratches out of the powder, to a limit of course.

Eventually I am going to be doing ano as well. 8)

But thats a little ways off.

Dang you do it all. Well, almost. Heh.

Soon very soon.

YYF Superwide got blasted…

Bump so I don’t have to dig

This doesnt affect play/vibe at all?

Not that I have noticed. I use a very fine glass bead at fairly low pressure to be as invasive as little. All the one’s I have done have been vibe free or have had exsisting vibe. The only play it effects is helping out with the grinds.

CLYW Arctic Circle…duh


Sorry posted them twice

…that looks like an Arctic Circle, am I wrong?

Ahhh yes it is.

Looks great, but why would someone ruin a perfectly good colorway? They should’ve had you blast an ugly AC…there’s plenty of them to choose from.

This. But maybe they are gonna get it custom ano’ed

Oh yeah, probably. But I usually only get yoyos that are already raw or have an ugly colorway custom anno’d/pc’d.

Bob are you pc’ing this AC? I hope so.

I’ll admit it, I REALLY want a powder coat done by Mullicabob.