My Beadblasting set-up (please help)

If I can get my beadblasting thing up and running, I may just start a yoyo beadblasting bussiness for the people, so if you can help that would be great! :slight_smile:

Hi guys, I recently got myself a beadblasting set up similar to this image below.
The blasting gun is up to 90 psi MAX. I want to know is this good enough to blast a yoyo. My dad is a general building contracter and has the right Air compresser for the job. It is no cheesy cheap device. My dad has several compressers, and he has 2 that are really nice and expencive, and I know can handle the job. One of my other problems is I don’t know what type of media is fine enough for the media gun. (P.S. I am using an alluminum beach chair as my testing subject)

I used salt, salt worked but was very weak and you couldn’t tell much of a diffence.

I used walnut shells, and they sorta worked, but not too well, and for some reason, didn’t shoot out of the media gun at a constant rate. It would work for the first couple sec or so and then die out. I used the walnut shells I use in my lizards cage I got at PetCo.

I also used glass beads, which just made it rougher and had a bumpy feel to it. It seemed to do the exact oppisite of what I wanted it to do. It made more friction. I feel that these glass beads should have worked, and I can think of two things off of the top of my head preventing this from working. Maybe the gun needs to shoot out the beads faster, and the 90 psi MAX is too slow for the blasting process and I need to get a better gun. (Because the gun here was the only thing kinda cheap. I got it for $15 at a surplus hardware store.) Or, maybe the glass beads were not fine enough.

Also, should I try other things. I have heard of soda. Do you mean like Cokeacola, or like baking soda, or what?

Please help if you know what you are talking about. Thank you verry much, I would greatly appriciate help! :slight_smile:

~James Reed!

I don’t think that soda blasting is with actual soda, I think that soda blasting is with baking soda or something like that. (try it! :)) Also, try sand blasting, I heard it is more aggressive but works fine if you do it right. (correct me if I am wrong)

But if you could get a Mediablasting business up, I would definitely have to pay you to beadblast some of my yoyos :slight_smile:

Oops. I don’t know what I am talking about. :-[

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Here are some responces I got from YYN, and here is my responce:

Thanks for the responce! I just blasted my first yoyo right now. It turned out really nice! I blasted my raw modified, stacked, and reshaped Hectic! I will post pics in a sec. Thanks guys! I am still looking for a nice formula, I will try what PrototypeGuy said tomorow. If I end up getting into beadblasting, I will get myself a beadblasting cabnit.

Now, one huge question for me is how to mask off the guts with a perfect circle. I tried out metal tape cut in a perfect circle on the Hectic I just blasted, it worked, but it didn’t come out too beutifull. It came out quite slopy. If anyone can help me on this that would be much apriciated!

maybe get some duct tape and cut a circle that will fit out then put it on the part of the yoyo
also hey if this works out you could blast our yoyos.

That’s what I did, I used metal tape, it didn’t work well. It turned out sloppy. If it works I will most definantly do the yoyos! Didn’t even think of that! ;D

aight cool, i heard onedrop bead blasts yoyos but iim not sure you should ask them


No, I am beadblasting yoyos, I don’t want a beadblast, I am beadblasting. But I made this thread because I need some help/advice on beadblasting the yoyos.

i know i was saying to ask them because they do bead blasting so they would know

Oh ok, thanks, I might just do that! :slight_smile:

EDIT: Here are the pics of my raw, stacked, modded, and reshaped Hectic that I just beadblasted!

~James Reed!

Very nice!!! Now you need to slap some ano on it and make it pretty ;D

OMG…that’s amazing! :o

If you had your business, how much extra would you charge to strip the anno off of the yoyo?

Thanks, well, I don’t know if I want to satin and risk giving your yoyo vibe. So you would probably have to satin it yourself. I know that beadblasting can strip off the ano, but I don’t know how well. It might turn out blochy and ugly. So I wouldn’t risk it. :slight_smile:

Well, If i was to pay you to beadblast a yoyo, I would send you my Yomega Maverick, which aleady has a horrendous vibe. :wink:

Still don’t know if I would feel comfortable doing that. But I don’t know yet, I havn’t really started my business yet, I am still on square one. Will get all the details when I open my business in the future. :slight_smile:

And how old are you again? :smiley:
This is cool that your doing this and you should beadblast a plastic… i want to see the result…

Thanks! Sure, I will post it once I beadblast it. :wink:

~James Reed!

If you need any yoyos to experiment with., just pm me! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the kind offer but I would feel bad if I messed up a yoyo of yours. And don’t worry, I have plenty of plastics and metals to work on! But thanks again. :slight_smile:

~James Reed!

for the circle thingy you could find something like the cap of a marker or something and trace the circle then have like duct tape or something and cut it out on an exacto knife

That what I did, and it didn’t work. And I used metal tape. :wink: