technical difficulties


I’ve been putting my blasting cabinet together and got it going then had a few technical difficulties. I am now up and running. BLASTING FTW!!!


Sweet! Will you be using this on your existing throws or for throws that you will be making?


definitely on my first run of production yo’s. Maybe others too but not sure yet.


Awesome sauce. I look forward to seeing your creations!

(Hardcore_Max) #5

Looks good did you build it up from a kit or did you make it yourself from scratch?
Is the cabinate for beed blasting or sand blasting?
well I guess you could do both, would have to fully clean out one medium to use the other?
and would you blast for other people for a fee of course?


I actually acquired it. Yes as long as you clean it out and change the znozzle then you can put just about any media in it.

Media is the particle’s that get blasted at the part.

Medium is a person that thinks they can talk to the dead. lol

as for doing it for other people. maybe,


It’s also the size shirt I wear. :smiley:


Wow. How much is it to have a bead blasting thing like that? I’m thinking of Beadblasting my M1… but will it remove my anno?


you can get a little one that would fit any yoyo for like 120$


oh and yes it will remove anno, but it will pit the alliminum


I prefer the word texture.

(Hardcore_Max) #12

Oh, woops meh thanks for the correction, how about a person who can talk to the dead but can be used to surface material from things.