Does bead-blasting take acid wash finishes off?

Hey guys. I just got a 2013 Genesis with acid wash, not blasted. I know that bead-blasting (and other kinds of blasting as well) should dull a yoyo’s color and make it less shiny/reflective, but I was just wondering if it would take my Genesis’ acid wash finish off alltogether if I were to get it blasted now. Also, is it possible to get a yoyo custom blasted, so that if I covered the sides with tape or something, only the inner face of the yoyo would be blasted?

Thanks in advance for your help and advice!

Blasting will remove the anodizing on a yoyo. Yoyo are generally blasted prior to to anodizing. And to answer your second question. You can mask off portions of yoyo when blasting. This is often done in areas that come in Contact with the string in order to keep the yoyo from cutting through strings.

Yes it will take off the areas it touches. Yes there are a couple guys on the forum (I believe) that will do it. or there use to be.

if you get a yoyo blasted, it will just be a blasted silver yoyo,45326.0.html

All you need^