Blast/Color Question


Is there a way to change the color, or remove the color of a yoyo without ruining it’s blast?


Probably not. In most cases the color on an aluminum yoyo is due to anodizing, which causes a change in the outer surface, the same place the blast is contained. In most any other material, the color is likewise carried in the outer surface. Removing it removes the blast.

The exception is a painted yoyo. Remove the paint and the original surface remains.


So does this mean u can paint over a blasted surface and keep the blast effect?


Actually, chemical stripping a yoyo will remove the colored oxidized layer and mostly preserve the blast texture. Once the yoyo has been stripped, it can be reanodized a different color. All this said, the texture will be slightly different. Maybe 70 percent the same. Aggressive blasts will be slightly smoothed out.


Well, no. What JHB meant when he said the exception is a painted yoyo is that if a yoyo is painted over a blasted finish, and that paint is removed, the blast would still be there, untouched. This goes for powder coating too. This is because of 2 things. The first is a paint or powder coated simply covers the surface of the yoyo, it basically is on top of the metal. For an anodize, the dye itself is in the metal, so you have to remove part of the metal to fully remove the anodize, which will often also take off the blast. The second reason is the type of stripper used. The stripper used to remove paint or powder coats will not affect the metal, whereas the stripper used on anodizing will eat the aluminum. But as Jasonwongzero said, if done right with the chemical stripper, you might be able to salvage the blast.


so you can’t paint over a blast surface and keep the blast effect? Like without stripping the old andonization, just straight up painting over the orginal surface.


Nope. Paint adds too much new material for the blast to show through. With a very thin coat, it may retain a slight amount of texture, but that’s about it.


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Eh, depends on who did the job and what kind of paint, pretty sure you’d want any Levi painted throw :wink: Anyway, for others, don’t get paint mixed up with powder coating, powder coats are on a whole other level.


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