Painting a yoyo?!

Okay, so my girlfriend is going to get me an aluminum yoyo for my birth day, as much as i might prefer just a good ol normal yoyo, she wants to paint it lol.

Has anyone ever experimented with this? I think the plan is to kind of sand away the current finish/layer and then use some sort of paint made for medal to do her design and finally put a new finish over it so its smooth to the touch again.

Does anyone have some advise for her? How much will this effect the balance of the yoyo? Any advice would be loved!

Well, to strip it you will need to use some high grit sandpaper. And a drill/lathe.

The design can’t be done on metal with average paint. It needs to be an anodization or it will fell different and in even.

Her best bet is to send it to Mullicabob, have him strip it. (Professionally) and she can send him the picture/design and see if he can do it or something similar.

It will cost an average of $20 I think? Maybe more maybe less. PM him.

Painting a yoyo is entirely possible. People who do it regularly generally use an automotive paint then top it off with a clear coat to protect it. Keep in mind that it is subject to wear. There’s no need to “strip” an aluminum yoyo to paint it. Apply a suitable surface prep and primer first.

He’s right. If you’d like to get a better surface for the paint to adhere to then lightly sand it, like a satin. Most can paints Krylon/Rust-Oleum will do the trick. If you’d like to get something a bit more professional than go with automotive type’s, epoxies etc.

Take your time clean/degrease your work piece thoroughly.

Life starts at $30 for pc, basic.

O, I was of by 10!

Hey! I paint yoyos every one and a while, the only thing the paint does is get rid of the ability to grind. The paint also scrapes off easier than your normal anodize, but a clear coat does help a ton! so make sure she puts a clear coat on it after your done. Balance isnt affected either. here is some of my work if you wanna know what it looks like!

EDIT: Balance isnt affected if done right!