I really want to paint my metal yoyos but what's an easy way?

Really want to paint some of my older yoyos. Paints done wore down, just want them to look nice again. How would I go about doing this.

Annodization or paint?

What’s the difference ?

You really don’t know the difference?

Well I’ve been yoyoing for three years but just now that about modding so can y’all help me out and tell what I need?

You shouldn’t do anno. It’s very dangerous, and can kill you. Something’s I believe you can’t even get until your 18

I want to paint it not anno how would I do that???

Grab some paint and a brush. Is this really a question?

Not a plastic yoyo a metal and I want something that will really hold

Well YoYos aren’t usually painted there anno’d and anno wears off eventually. So it could be that.

You really don’t know how to paint something?

If you’re painting a metal yoyo, the best results have been obtained using automotive paint with a clear coat sealer. We can’t teach you how to paint.

if you’re looking to paint, the best way is to use automotive paint with an airbrush.
If you don’t have the airbrush, a rattle can will work. I recently painted a bike using rattle cans, and it actually turned out very nice. Mask off areas you don’t want anything getting it. (ie: bearing seat, response groove, axle hole)
For my bike, I just sanded it down completely, then made sure to wipe it down to remove any oils/dust.
Put on 3-4 coats of the colour I wanted, then put on 2 or 3 coats of clearcoat. You’ll probably want to wait some time before messing with it, as to not get fingerprints on the clearcoat. I let the clearcoat set for a week before moving my bike. You won’t be able to grind the yoyo at all, but it should look good. It may add vibe though. You can even add effects like splashes, acid washes, etc. if you want. Just make sure you get paint that’s made for adhering to metal, and keep all your paints from the same company. (ie: I used 3 colours and a clearcoat for me bike, all of which were rustoleum.)
You can also just use regular paint and a paintbrush if you want. It’s your canvas after all.

Another option is powder coating, which will also recuire some kind of airbrush, and an oven (a toaster over will work for something as small as a yoyo). There are tons of guides for how to powder coat things available.

Then there’s anodizing, which as others have said, is dangerous, not to mention expensive, and not particularly reliable. Unless you have a couple hundred dollars to drop, don’t bother trying this.

Thanks man that’s gonna help me out