what paint do you use for a metal yoyo

what paint do you use for a metal yoyo i want to paint my maverick but i do not know what paint to use

You don’t paint yoyos you have to anodize them.

you can most certainly paint yo-yos. check out some of brett grimes’ work.

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Yup. Brett Grimes does in fact paint yoyos. Well, maybe that is “he used to paint yoyos”. I’m not sure what the status of that is anymore. There’s also a few others who paint.

Typically, yoyos are anodized. This isn’t always true. I think the new Madhouse Compulsions are wrapped. I think a certain run and quantity of CLYW Peaks were painted(not the full run).

What I hear is people are recommending automotive paints. I just wonder if they are priming a base coat onto the yoyo before really diving into it.

The problem with paint is that it will eventually chip, crack and peel, but ONLY if something happens to it(ding, dent, hard contact with something else) to damage the paint. Well, not entirely true as it can happen on its own but that’s kinda due to some sort of defect or other unseen problem.

yes, automotive paint is most commonly used.
You can definitely paint yoyos. As was said, the first run peaks were painted. Brett grimes paint(ed?) paints yoyos. You can even paint a yoyo to have a grinding finish
What used to be done but I don’t think as much anymore was powder coating.

You can use whatever paint though. I’ve seen people use acrylic paints, spraypaint, etc.
Jensen and a couple other people actually painted on the wall of the canvas using… I don’t remember what type of paint.
I’m not sure exactly what kind of paint brett uses/used either, but I know he applied it using an airbrush.

I believe it was the first run peaks.

Most automotive paints are applied using varius air-pressure driven methods.

Brett uses an airbrush because due to the size of the item being painted, honestly nothing else makes a whole lot of sense to use. Anything larger would be an extreme over-kill.

I’ve seen some of Brett’s work up close. It’s amazing. But, even so, nothing against Brett in the least, but I’d never send out a yoyo to get painted, knowing what I know.