Painting yoyos.

Are there any clear yoyos that are good for painting other than the FHZ?
What kind of paint would I use?
How would I get a drip pattern like this:,20352.0.html
How would I get a splash design?
Any other tips for me?


FH2, Hayabusa, Journey, Big Ben, Fast 201, and lots more. Just look around.

this pretains to a question I have as well so sorry for the hijack…

Can you paint a metal yoyo? Is there a specific person on the forums that does a really good job? are there any tutorials on a diy approach?

Yes, Brett (ibanezcollector) and his youtube has a video on how.

Actually, what paint would you use for metal?? And are brushes okay?

But back to your question. I’m think the “drip” was done by putting paint at the base of the yoyo (around the hub) and then spinning it on a drill to get it to spiral out like that. Splash, I think… put paint on brush, hurl paint at yoyo. Fairly simple, though a bit Neanderthal. And use… starts with an A… ACRYLIC!

I think any paint would work, but using brushes will cause uneven surfaces which will cause vibe. But Your right about splash but they use stuff like rubber cement and its a sealant so you can anodize in 2 colors without removing the fist. Drip is caking on the cement and letting it run. The drill thing might work but idk.

The best technique would be Brett’s with airbrushes and light coats.

Bret uses high quality paint he used for painting guitars. It’s not just paint. It’s costly.

What is it??

Would spraypaint work on a fhz? How would I remove the paint if I do it badly?

I hear it works if you take your time, but a quick dip in acetone water could remove paint.

Any tutorials on how to paint not using a gun?

You really don’t use a brush. It will make the yoyo uneven causing vibe and what not.

Not true. I use a brush on all my throws and have never had a vibe problem. Using a brush is exactly the same situation as using a spray can. Take your time, do it in layers, and it will come out even.

It’s easiest with clear FHZ’s as you can just paint the hub area.


And really? Brush painting the outside of a yoyo doesn’t cause vibe?

Well, I wouldn’t recommend painting the outside w/ a brush unless its detailed work but I paint the inside of all my throws (except the color shifting ones) w/ a brush and have yet to get vibe.

word. so minus- do you use a certain type of paint,brush ect? maybe a video tutorial? ;D

The paint I use varies. I use anything from acrylic, to model paint, and even nail polish. The brush all depends on what I’m doing. If I’m just doing a solid color I’ll use a flat brush but if I’m doing detailed work I’ll use a thin brush. As far as a tut, I don’t have a video camera so you are out of luck on that one. ;D

dam. ight, well can your methods be used to paint a dm2 exterier? how so you remove the paint if you dont like it?

I wouldn’t paint the exterior of a DMv2. To be honest I wouldn’t paint the exterior of any yoyo (unless its metal). If anything I would dye it. If you are looking to paint a yoyo get one that is clear and paint the inside.