painting yoyos?


what type of paint can be used and where do i get it?i want to splash my yoyo wtiih paint


It seems automotive is the best way to go for metals. That’s what I hear anyways.

I much prefer ano’d myself. But hey, for a fairly inexpensive yet durable alternative, auto-paint isn’t really a bad way to go.


whats the difference between ano’d and automotive paint? and where would i get these paints? idc about price


I was also wondering about how to repaint my yoyo. My Macrocosm is lacking a blue hue and so I was gonna try and repaint it so that all the colors are spread evenly through. What I am wondering is, how do you keep the paint on the yoyo without making it rough or rub off on your hands? in other words make it smooth. Is it primer or do they use some sort of wax?

Sorry I have never used paint before other than in art class in elementary.


“Ano’d” is a chemical process done through the makers of the yoyo. While its possible to do it at home, its very dangerous. I advise against it. You can get a professional to do it though, but its expensive. It involves dye and electricity.
Automotive paint is paint used on cars, I believe. It’s meant for metal which makes it preferable on a metal yoyo. I don’t know much about it. But sherwin Williams makes it so maybe you could find it at one of their stores. Or an autoshop, certainly.


When you paint, you apply very thin, even coats. Not with a paint brush. With an airbrush, usually. After that, its coated with something to protect the paint from chipping. Often times its a clear lacker that gives it shine, along with protection.


Can you spray paint a yoyo?

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that would not be a good idea because if you don’t calculate the weight of the paint the yoyo will become uneven and then always tilt and fall.


didn’t want to make a whole new thread for this question
can you powder coat a yoyo? my sister just got a powder coating kit to use on motorcycle parts, and I was gonna try to coat a few yoyos.

edit: not so much can you, because I’m sure you can, but would it work well?


You can, but I would try powder coating other things first so you can get an even finish.


That’s not true unless you totally screw it up. The weight of the paint is minimal.

Yes you can. A few years back it was quite common. Problem is it chips more easily than paint, and with reference to the above comment by Lolboy, it can cause an imbalance if not done properly.


A lot of Mgs were powder coated and I believe Icthus has a powder coated agape for sale right now on his BST.


What? Powder coating is probably one of the most durable finishes you can find on a yoyo, powder coats can withstand dings to more of an extent than anodize. How would powder coats chip more easily than paint? Please enlighten me on this.


one more question, can you do any kind of colour effects (splashes, acid wash, etc.) with powder coating?
I’ve seen some like iridescent stuff, but not much outside of that and solid colours.


I don’t think so. Never seen a powdercoat splash before.


what about if I were to add some type of masking agent (rubber cement or something) then coat it and heat it?

just as an example (not sure if this would be the best for the job) if I were to strip it, do all my prep work, then put on some copper tape how I wanted to the splash to look, then coat it, heat it up, and peel off the tape.


Maybe it depends on who does it and how. That was an issue at one point, and why it died out at the time. Most of these were done by guys in their kitchen. I don’t recall any available commercially.


Hmm, I heard someone say that right out of the oven, he dropped the yoyo from 4 or so feet and didn’t even leave a scratch on the powder coat.