Airbrushing a Yoyo???

Howdy! I have heard that yoyos can be airbrushed with autobody paint, and my uncle happens to own a body shop and has a airbrush and lots of paint. I was wondering if there are any pros or cons painting a yoyo compared to anodizing or powder coating them. All help and advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks. :wink:

Paint isn’t as durable as ano or powdercoat, but it’s easier to apply and you can do more intricate designs/different styles.

Would i have to worry about vibe or uneven weight?

Paint adds vibe. I usually paint my yoyos that have a couple dings. It’s not a lot of vibe, and doesn’t interfere with play, but you will notice it. You are adding weight unevenly (no matter how careful you are). The upside to paint is when it chips you can simple strip it off and paint again!

Ok so I probably shouldnt paint a mint positron huh? :-[

Uneven paint adds vibe. It’s entirely possible to paint a yoyo without adding much, if any, vibe.

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It probably won’t add much (if any) vibe at all. The only downside would be that a painted Positron might be a bit trickier to sell later down the track should you ever choose to get rid of it.


Ok. Well I think I might try it on my dv888 and see how it turns out. Thanks everybody! :wink:

Go ahead and paint it. When it comes time to sell it, if it does, then I’ll take care of your rehab if you want. Powder coating, bead blasting, polishing or simply remove the paint can all be had cheaply.

I need a Positron anyway so I may just buy it off you myself. :wink:

Well ok but it might b a while till i sell it since im 15 and got a few years till ill need a lot of moola. :wink:

Most paint cleans off pretty much perfectally with laquer thinner or acetone, so that’s not a worry.

O and it doesnt have to b raw i assume?

For powder yes paint no.

Actually, another way to look at it is that painting a yoyo could be a ‘good’ thing in that it forms a protective coat against minor scuffs and scratches. It is extremely easy to remove the paint with thinner when it comes time to sell.


I did this with automotive spray paint.  You can have brand new seeming yoyo’s for 30 bucks or so!

Thats awesome. How do they play?

Like any other yoyo. I have found that if I don’t put on a clear coat and sand, it actually creates a good grinding surface, although the paint chips off easier. A few coats of clear and it lasts a while, but you can’t carry them on you’re belt or in a pocket without scratching. As far as vibe it adds so little that I don’t notice. I even have one throw where painting took away some existing vibe!

Wow i didnt relize it scratched that easily. Im always carrying my throws with me. :’(

It feels gross

Depends on the paint you use and your process. If you just spray on a thinks coat of paint, it’ll feel gross. If you take your time, apply thin coats, finish with the right clear coat and sand and buff it, it doesn’t feel bad. Different than ano, yes. But it’s also a matter of opinion. I have a friend who doesn’t like nano, prefers raw.