yoyo customizing

has anyone really customized their yoyo i mean like spray paint or other forms of changing its appearance?

Yes, there are at least a few guys on this Forum that have ‘modded’ their Yoyo… I am pretty sure.



Today I heard that spray paint is a pretty bad idea. It didn’t work out well for the guy who told me he tried it on a completely beat throw.

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i was just thinking about the idea

Spray paint isn’t the best. Airbrushing is the way to go. Multiple, even coats.

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If you want cool paint job, I’ve heard automotive paint is the way to go. Otherwise, powdercoating is also pretty sweet and will be more durable.

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Very true, powder coating is a good choice. If you want to go the airbrush route, eggshell finish is very good.

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Automobile paint holds up relatively well on plastic, if you can apply it properly. This is a FHZ modified and painted by LukeVader, for the now defunct team of another store. Despite it being 8 years old, the paint has held up very well, outside of the accidental dings. Doesn’t grind well, but looks gorgeous. JHB and a few of the other older members might remember this :slight_smile:

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is LV still posting anywhere?

I remember when he made the thread for this thing


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Yes, I remember Luke and his mods very well, as well as a number of other great guys. Luke and a number of the others dropped off the scene awhile back. :frowning:

that’s a bummer, he helped me out a ton with various little projects here and there

just saw JP911’s graduated to full-on designs now though which is really cool to see

Yes, Jeffrey is doing well with his work.