spray painted yoyos- does it work?

simple question. does it work? will the paint stick? what type of paint? clear coat? sand it first? past experiences? pictures? shoot.

Did this once
But it was very thick, and it made the yoyo vibe.
It could possibly be done better than I did it though.
I wouldn’t recommend it on a yoyo you like.

did you strip it first? how did you go about covering the bearing seat?

Didn’t spraypaint the whole yoyo.
I didn’t strip it first. It would probably produce better results to strip it, but I don’t know if the paint would stick if it was stripped.
There was no need to cover the bearing seat, I only painted the cup.

I know of a guy in Hawaii that used to spray paint yoyos. Used car paint with an air brush. Clear coat on top of that. I’ve spray painted Raider and Fireball caps. They hold up ok. Multiple thin coats for best results.

I think it would work but wouldn’t they wear out over usage?

What did Levi use?

Im fairly certain Levi used House of Kolor automotive paints.

Oh, and YoyoDoc, Brett was painting straight onto ano and blast work frequently, I wouldn’t call that top notch prep.

Last week I traded away a CafeRacer with a Brett Grimes paint job, and like you said, his work was top notch. It didn’t have any more vibe than my other CafeRacer which is nickel plated, and would still grind very well. I miss that thing a lot, because it was so pretty to look at and fun to play.

I’ve wanted to acrylic paint my dark magic 2 cap for some time now, I really don’t care if it adds vibe or doesn’t last forever, it would just be a cool canvas to work on

I have painted a yoyo or two or three in my day. Maybe more.

Yes it works, anything works. You can ductape a yoyo, spit on it, throw it, or light in on fire, it all works ;D

Groundhog day!!