Custom painted throws who's interested?

Hey guys! I’m a custom autobody painter, iv been yoyoing for quite some time and iv always wondered if the community would be interested in some custom painted throws. Just seeing how many people would be interested in something like this. If you are, just shoot me a DM and let me know what you think!


Bro if you could spray some metal flake on a yo-yo I would not know what to do with myself lol. I know that’s probably not feasible tho with the amount of layers that have to go on


I absolutely could. What kind of flake are you thinking? I might do a couple of my own for examples.


Some kind of holo flake would be sweet, but I’m a sucker for any flake or pearl. What I’m not sure of is if the flake size has any bearing on how many layers have to be sprayed. My concern would be that something complicated like that would add enough thickness to the dimensions of the yoyo that it would affect the response area. But I guess that area could be masked or something?

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Yeah it could be masked. As well as balanced to ensure no extra vibe. I’m the same, I’m a sucker for pearl. Iv done quite a few custom guitars, but I’m really interested in doing a couple yoyos to see what I could do with them.

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I dont know if you’d be interested in this or not, but for the sake of doing some test runs if you wanted to ship a cheap throw my way I’d be willing to do one for free just to see how it goes.


I wonder if a carbon fiber color could be applied to a yoyo?

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If you have any pictures of previous work (on any object, not just on a yoyo), I would love to see those!

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Hmm, carbon fiber could be wrapped, but not painted. Only because of intricacy of the pattern.

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How durable would/could the paint be?

What kind of paint would you use?

How would you set up the yoyo halves so the paint could be applied easier/easier?

Ok… now the questions will get better😉

Would you use a lacquer based single stage medium?

Would you use a catalyzed urethane?

Possibly a Waterborne urethane? Or a Polyurethane?

Would you finish with a catalyzed clearcoat?

You mentioned that after you coated a yo-yo; that you would balance the yoyo?

How would you go about balancing a shakey yoyo that resulted from an uneven paint application?

Could you do a transition base coat and clear it with a catalyzed urethane clear and then heat it for a thru-cure?

Sounds fun😎



This is the only thing other then cars that I have photos of. This is a custom fender american strat. Custom Teal pearl finish


Im interested in seeing how this could play out. Nice work and thanks for offering your services! Id love to see some samples.

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Imprints would be nice.

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Haha so many questions! Il do my best here. I primarily use basecoat/clearcoat, with the exception of some candy finishes which require a pearl coat within the first layer of polyurethane.

I use both water borne and solvent based base coats, with multiple types of clear coats (catalyzed polyurethane) for different purposes. I also can achieve mate or flat finishes as well.

As far as balancing goes, each half of the yoyo can be weighed to a .001 of a gram and be wet sanded to reduce weight to either side to achieve balance.

As far as durability. It would be slightly less then traditional anodizing. And I mean very slightly.

Everything painted would undergo a 30 min bake cycle at 180° f, followed by an hour of cool down to ensure a full cure.

I hope that covers most of it!


It would be nice to have a nice deep matte burgundy with the rims a nice gold/bronze color.

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Neat idea! Probably best to run some experiments on beater yo-yos first. I think there’s a reason you don’t see many (any?) fully painted yo-yos out there.

So what I recommend is having people send you a few beaters, and test out the techniques for painting them, compare before/after vibe and feel, see how it wears if you carry it in your pocket for a few days as an EDC, etc.

(You will definitely need to mask off the bearing seat and internal axle area, of course.)


Invest in anodizing equipment. Then ano like its a low rider!

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Love that color scheme. I might do my horizon in that for a demo.


I think that would be so nice!!

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Lol, ano is a different animal. Low riders are painted tho

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