Where can I get a yoyo painted

I have heard other people say that some guys paint and acid wash yoyos and things like that. I have a raw yoyo and want to get it painted
Where should I start

Thanks for the help

You should be more exact:
Powder Coated
Anodizing(which almost all metal yoyos sold here are)

It can make a massive difference in who and how much. I think you want anodizing.

Take a picture of a yoyo.

Upload it.

Open PAINT if you have it.

Then paint your yoyo


^^what he said^^

I have a raw klr. I’m not sure what the different types of “painting” do but I would like something along the lines of an acid wash or splash( like the capless or code 2 splash)
It doesn’t matter if you can’t grind with it.

I guess that would be called anodizing. I am looking in the $20 or less price range but have more if needed.

I’m mostly looking for suggestions since I don’t know much about painting and anodizing

for a good ano or paint job, 20 dollars or less is near impossible. if you wanted an amazing ano job, PM spottedbannan, she is an amazing ano girl, but it won’t cost under 20, for a good paint/ano job, your looking at around 50. You could ask brett to paint it for you if you wanted the best paint job you could get.

Ok, I will consider this
I might also just get a capless when they restock and be content. Lol

I’m assuming the $50 doesn’t include shipping. Thanks for the info too