How finishing yoyos works

Hey guys I’m just going to be a curious George at the moment. Can anybody tell me how finishing yoyos works and how painting them works. I just get really confused when people say things like “anodized” and “Powder-coated.” is that like something they do after they paint the yoyo, or is that the way you paint the yoyo, or what? if someone could inform me on this stuff that would be great!

Very few yoyos are painted. It doesn’t hold up well to the constant handling. Anodizing is a chemical treatment that can be used to add color, primarily to aluminum yoyos. Powder coating is a process where a colored powder is baked on to a yoyo surface.

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Do yourself a favor and take a little time to learn about the anodizing and powdercoating processes, It’ll give you a sharper understanding about the finishing process for aluminum.  ;D

More Ano than powder as powdercoating isn’t heavily used in the current yoyo manufacturing meta.

also note abrasive blasting as a finish, its become a common thing with manufacturers. (i.e beadblasting, sodablasting, sandblasting, trashblasting)

EDIT: here’s a cool little site to help you learn about Anodizing.

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Omg thank yall so much. I know a little more about stuff now! Lol