In need Of someone who can anodize or powder coat

I have a couple of raw yoyos and a plastic yoyo I would like to be either annodized or powder coated. I can pay with paypal tell me your price. Pm me of you can help me out. Here are some picture of my yoyos I want to be annodized/powder coated
Clyw yeti light grey
Clyw raw campfire
Yoyo apartment raw 1937 7075 aluminum
Yyf raw mighty flea
Spyy raw supra prototype

Hey man. This will need to be in the yoyo mods section I believe. For powder coating, Mullicabob is a member here and he’s the best, from what I’ve heard. I think there’s a couple other members that pc as well, but, I don’t know there user names. Also, I’ve never heard of plastic being powder coated. I think powder coating goes through a process of baking so therefore the yoyo would have to go in an oven. Can you imagine what that pretty little yeti would look like once you pulled it out of the oven? lol A pile of goo. A mod will move this for you when they see it. Good Luck!

powdercoating always has a chance of adding vibe so I’d rather go with ano,58450.0.html
england1414 is doing ano and has gotten pretty good

I believe aman sircus still does anodizing as well and did some of the oldder general yo stuff

You can also hit up gruntbull who I believe does CLYW’s and a couple other companies throws but they’re expensive unless you buy in bulk