What is a ano/dye mod?

not familiar with yoyo mods so just wanted some info, also getting a YYF proton and i wanted to have it sent off to get custom ano’d any tips or suggestions???

Anodizing is an electro-chemical process that is used to add color to an aluminum piece. Basically it alters the material surface.

Go check out Mullicabobs threads, anything you see there he will do for around 20-30. Except for a White Gloss with a blue Peak :(.

PC is not Ano.

He can do flat ano.

No, “Flat ano” is the nickname of the powdercoat finish.


At 8.5 posts per day maybe you should think about quality not quantity.


Not many people out there are doing custom orders at this time. Contact jasonwongzero or Spotted Banana and ask if they are taking orders.

Ouch lol


Thanks for the replys and looking at yoyospirits pic i want something like that done to my YYF Proton whered you get yours done?

Mullicabob’s amazing powder coats ;D, a powder coat is very similar to paint, except it’s tougher than any paint or anodize. This BVM is a one of one though. I glow in the dark Proton would be pretty sweet lol

how do i get up with him about getting it done do i get on one of his threads or message him?

Well he just posted in here lol

what about a white gloss(or like that aqua glow you did in on that AL5) with a black and white spiral in the cup?

Not wanting to be rude here, but try to deal with purchases/trades through personal messages. ;D

no its cool ive just never done this stuff before still relatively new to forums XD

just wanted to note that powdercoat has a chance to cuase vibe and generally doesn’t grind well

Except for flat ano powders which bring very nice

Powder coating is a baked on powder-based paint essentially.

It is NOT as durable as anodizing, period. Aluminum oxide (the substance built on the surface of yoyos during the anodizing process) is just about the hardest material on earth right behind diamonds.

It CAN cause vibration issues, and commonly does… no matter which version/color/etc you use. If it is done extremely carefully, and you have a bit of luck, it works.

It DOES leave more of a ‘tack-like’ finish than anodizing… it’s a feel many people don’t like very much.


I assumed since you have the word “professional” above your name you would know what your talking about.

Obviously not!

Perhaps your method of powdercoating differs in some way I’m not familiar with, but what kyo wrote very much resonates with my experience.