Mullicabob's BRAND NEW Ano Powder!

Bob recently acquire a new powder – one that mimics the properties of anodization. He slapped on a coat of orange and red onto a Superstar and sent it my way. Here’s what I found:

When I first opened the package and felt the new finish, it definitely felt different than Bob’s previous powders. It has a soft, slightly grippy feeling to it. This ano powder also feels harder and thinner than his previous work, which to me is a wonderful thing.

Those that have tried it know that powdercoating doesn’t provide the best surface for grinds. But then again, you probably haven’t tried Bob’s new powder. I was shocked, SHOCKED, when I tried grinding with this. It grinds very similar to beadblasted ano! It doesn’t provide record-breaking grind times, but I was able to get around 5-6 seconds per throw.

This new powder is also very beautiful. They have a nice matte sheen that offers a very ‘soft’ look to your yoyos. The red in particular is extremely vibrant.

In short, this is a wonderful product. I’ve done business with Bob several times before, and not only does he provide excellent service, but his work is extraordinary. Being cheaper than getting your yoyo anodized, and not having it to be raw when you send it to him, this is certainly something you should look into.

Sidenote: I should mention that were certain difficulties while powdercoating this Superstar, and that’s why the red half has bumps on it. Rest assured this would not be the case should you send your yoyo to Bob.

Always love to see what Mullica is doing with his coats. Wonderful stuff. :slight_smile:

I’d ask about durability, but I don’t think you’re going to bash it on the floor for me. :wink: And if it’s anything like the rest of his stuff, it has ought to be rather durable.

Whew!! I have to say I’m relieved to see this review. I knew the flat ano powder had some serious potential and with Links running it through its paces I feel justified in my beliefs in it. These powders imo are very special compaired to the standard powders now I’m not taking anything away from the standard powders but in terms of performance the standard pc’s simply cannot hang with the flat ano’s.

At the bottom of Links review he stated that the red had some bumps in it. Almost looks like orange peel type texture and yes I did have some issues with the red coating properly. Somewhat technical and a bit boring is the explanation but long story short it basically boils down to new product learning curve. Knowing Links is a true professional in my haste I sent it to him with flaws. Needless to say those of you with any interest in ANY pc work will receive satisfaction and my assurance that I stand behind my work. This means no bumps on your pc’d yoyos!

Anyway thanks to Links again for his honesty and welcome to the newly formed “MB Platinum club” membership has its privileges.

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What colors do you have in this ano powder? is it just flat solids? Does it have to be done on Polished or can it be done right over beadblast? Its looking nice, potential for our next colab after the KLR :wink:

Red, blue, pink, orange and purple is what I have now with green soon to be acquired. They are indeed applied over full polished finish.

A walk on the wild side coming up for your next subject?

Maybe and just maybe in the not so distant future I may have another powder “strain” that will give the flat ano’s a run for their money. Both in looks and performance.

haha, maybe so, We’ll see what I can scrounge up to send and do something fun with soon. These powders look really promising.

I’ve been meaning to get some throws coated, just waiting to have some cash available to me. Expect a pm from me in the future!

I will be in the shadows till then…

just sent my JK in. My favorite $3 throw is gonna look as amazing as it plays after this!