Mullicabob's Blasted Champagne Finish

Hey guys!
So I had bob coat one of my throws with this new Powder he has been meaning to test.
So Lets cut to the chase!

Initial reation
I was pretty Darn shocked when i saw this thing in the picture above.
The color was so nice! The texture seem very close to a rougher version of Bobs
Signature Beadblast.
This powder also REALLY Shimmers.
it has a very Antique-esque kind of look.
almost like, it was rolled in some sand, and then left to age.
not exactly vintage.
But it still has that look.

When I received it
Man, i was so wrong about the feel!
When I touched it, it did NOT feel like the Beadblast i was expecting.
its actually… Smooth.
Like, dried grey clay kinda smooth.
not in the kiln yet, just naturally hardened.
Upon the inspection, there was defiantly a more unique feel to this.
its somewhat “Wavy” if that makes sense?
it feels so strange, yet pleasant.
Prior to this coat, the yoyo had a tumble finish,
and felt kind… soft.
Now after the powder
It has a more Hard, almost like a rock like Granite,
but in no way hurts to catch.

On the Throw
Absolutely no vibe added from this coat.
No worries for that!
The Yoyo Shimmers in the light as it spins
Not glittery. SHIMMER
Light Dances off this thing like Bo Jangles with some redbull
Did add a TAD bit of weight. But its not effecting my play at the slightest.

Okay, this finish Truly shines at grinds!
It can handle pretty much all modern grind tricks
and is just as good as a beadblast.
Oddly enough, as you hold it It feels grippy.
But it really isn’t.
Very peculiar, and again very Unique.

Final Notes
So to Sum this up.
-add a little weight
-not Vibe inducing
-Grinds like a beadblast
-Makes the yoyo have a slightly different texture and feel than most Alu

Overall, I’d say this is a MUST if you like Grinds, Grey, shimmer or if You’re just Darn tired of Same old same old!

Thank you for the review.

I’m pretty happy with the characteristics of this powder. Limited to only a few colors, that I think we would all like, in this particular type of powder it fills the niche of a textured powder. Although not really meant to be used in this manner, has industrial implications, it is very effective for my use.

A “bonded” powder which chemically changes during the curing process and once cooled cannot be changed again by reheating, ever. Yes it can be removed in the normal manner but will not be able to be coaxed into scratch removal via reheat. Very tough stuff though and has a pretty face to go along with the brawn.

It is a discontinued powder from the particular manufacturer I buy from so once its gone, its gone. Means if you dig it get your order in.

Thats crazy!

I think they use it to coat steel pipes and the like.

Works for me though.

Thats perfect for this type thing! :smiley:

Just of that color?


good… I’ve been eyeing that blue :wink: