Powder coat?


What does a powder coat do for a yoyo?


Makes it pretty and vibrate.

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In before bob comes to bash this post lol


No way Jose. Saw this and will not be replying.

Peeps be fishing with the wrong bait.


Like any kind of modification done on a YoYo, if done incorrectly, it can indeed add vibe, and I’ll admit, it has happened on a couple of my throws, but the powder coat was stripped off and redone. And I can guarantee if someone gets their throw done by me or Bob, we will not say the job is finished until we are sure the powder did not add vibe.


People have historically walked away from powder coats in the yoyo industry due to the difficulty in using the powders and achieving greatness.
When said greatness is achieved, powder beats the looks and quality of anodize any day of the week.


I think a good powdercoat will make a dull yoyo very pretty, and I agree that done right, it won’t have any negative effects on the yoyos performance, but there’s always going to be personal preference for the feel of ano or powder depending on the individual.

I personally don’t like the way powdercoats feel, but if someone’s hesistant, don’t let that stop you, give it a try and find out for yourself.

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The thing with powdercoat is how customizable it is. There powdercoats which glossy and super shiny and then there are ones that are matte or textured. The flat ano powdercoats are IMO the pinnacle of powdercoats. They feels and look like a Yoyo that was anodized and are extremely vibrant. The only downside to powdercoat IMO is the added weight. Unlike ano it adds weight. It can slightly change the way a Yoyo plays.


The yoyo I sent to bob came back with less vibe than when I sent it to him

In addition to that it looks AMAZING!


It can’t be done a large scale because it requires monitoring because it can pool and add weight in ares you don’t want

That’s where the vibe comes in and it’s the same for teflon coating.

I’d personally take hardcoat type 3 over powdercoat anyday but that’s just preference. There’s a reason ano is used in the industry and that’s because of consistency. Powder also chips and ano scratches which is another thing I like about ano.


Hardcoat is bada$$.


A lot of times, it doesn’t even add weight. I’ve heard of some throws that were stripped and powdercoated and ended up with a .1 gram difference in weight.


Most of the time, the weight added is the same as before the anodizing was stripped off and the yoyo was sanded lol