Does custom paint improve or depreciate

So recently I was scammed out of my CLYW canvas, it was black with the pick axes on the side, when I got it back it was a silver powder coat with silver ano stars but I can still tell it’s mine, and I’m wondering is it worth more or less

Depends on the damage it had before

If it was mint before it’ll always be worth more unless someone noteworthy like jasonwong, vendetta, or levi touched it. Otherwise it would have been better off original since it’s more rare that way

Last time I saw powdercoating add to the value of a throw was when disskings did it but there’s so many people doing powdercoating these days that it really doesn’t do much for the throw other than change it’s colors.

Is it this thing?

Right now, it’s just me, mullicabob, and Jupdyke, but with all the throws we put out, no wonder they’re not so rare anymore lmao Anyway, while most people would say it depreciates the value, if you can find the right buyer, then you can get close to full value for it.

yes it is! It’s in mint condition and it plays amazing, the paint job looks really nice except for one or two spots

Pretty sure that’s not painted/PC. I’m almost positive that is just blasted and the stars were masked off.

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I wasn’t exactly sure how to word it, but that’s it in The pictures, and as you can see he was offered crazy for it

Not powder coated or painted.

Kitchy the guy who did it is big on the star thing. He does soda blasting as well.

So polished first them masked stars, soda blasted and there it is.

You are lucky it got back to you at all…cough cough.

In regards to powder coating and its relative value. Depends on what gets done and just how much someone would like it. If you are not one to appreciate the fine art of powder coating then it won’t fetch much. Speaking for myself I’ll put powder up against any painted throw at any time.

Subjective as always in terms of value. Levi’s stuff is mainly worn out now and imo worth less than most would pay. More of a collector thing really. If you can grab a mint OG then by all means do it but do it because it means something to you.

I just stripped a 1 of 5 Canvas, supposedly, for my own and never thought twice about it. Once you get a ding in it then all deals are off imo.

For the record Dissking’s never had an original thought in their heads. Just about anybody can put a single coat of powder on a throw and talk crap about it. No offense.

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BTW I’ll give you $50 for it???

I’m really only looking for trades and 50$ is considerably lower than what I’d accept

That was meant as a funny! If I was serious I would have offered much more like $55.

Lol I do want to say thanks to you for helping me get it back, but if I end up doing anything with it I’ll probably trade it for a chief or something, but as of right now I’m just enjoying having it back

Not gonna lie, that looks pretty sick.

Depreciates imo. Paint and PC do nothing for me. Lucky for you that’s not PC and looks great.

If it was PC then it might be worth something and would last longer. Such is life.

I can also assume anodize does nothing for you either then?

If anyone is interested you can shoot me a message, no lowballs, offer clyw or other throws

That’s a bit cooler than powdercoating so idk. Powder coating is alright when your throw is damaged or in ugly condition. They’re difficult to move in the BST from what i’ve seen as well.

That actually results more from the stigma that powder cost adds vibe. This only happens if the throw is not coated evenly, but from what I’ve experienced, no powder cost has added vibe to any of my throws yet. And what exactly is ‘cooler’ about anodizing?

Nah nah. I’m talking about his throw. The soda blast.

It’s alright now that I take another look at it. My powder coated Bassalope is fine, no vibe. I didn’t know about the stigma of powder adding vibe. And it it does add, I doubt it’s string vibe/wobble. It’s just the way the BST works I guess. Personally, I’m a fan of clear coats/raw and shiny yoyo’s. That’s what’s cool :smiley:

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