Powder Coated Yoyo Value

I was looking around and saw some powder coated Yoyos for sale. Does powder coating increase or decrease value? The one I was interested in had the branding coated over so I wasnt sure.

for me it almost always decreases value… but I just don’t like the feel of powder coating.

If the yoyo was severely damaged or something before, perhaps it adds… or if it’s particularly cool looking maybe?

I guess it really depends on the base yo-yo… if it’s super common, a unique finish might bump the value slightly… if it was a desirable yoyo to begin with, it won’t add much and could hurt.


I wouldn’t call it rare because they still produce them, but it is expensive (100+ retail).

Depends on what someone wants to pay for it. Desirable color, particular model, pre-damage etc.

Its a players market.

Ask sparhawk. He would know.

The only time I’ve seen powdercoat increase the value is on older throws that came stock raw. Most people prefer the stock colorways of yoyos and it takes away from it’s collect-ability decreasing it’s value. That yoyo also appears to have been re-tapped which would also affect it’s price negatively. Knowing the model of the yoyo would help with identifying an actual price though.

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Certain people have personal reasons that influence their opinion so take it with a grain of salt.

Unless its a Diss-Kings job, I can’t see it adding to the value. Nobody out there is doing powder work as well as they did.

Yea, ok. From what I’ve heard, their stuff often came out with added vibe. Doesn’t seem like very good work to me.

Funny, Ive never talked to anyone with a bad finish by them. Both of mine were extraordinarily dope. Just because you heard something does not make it true. Josh and Jack did stellar powder work.

Wish I had a better picture of this Bare Bones.



Sparhawk is -the- guy when it comes to pricing stuff… he’s bought, sold, and priced more yoyos than pretty much anybody out there.


Strange, my post earlier was deleted. Anyway, just because you haven’t heard something doesn’t make it false. What reason do you have to back your claim that Josh and Jack can do powder coats that are that much better than that of mine and Bobs? I’d be willing to do something for ya and you can compare and contrast.

Just to clear things up, Josh is the one who was doing the powder coating… Jack was unrelated to that part of their stuff.

I have several that he did for me (I often traded him raw yoyos to coat/sell)… they’re absolutely top notch quality… as good as any I’ve ever seen.

None of mine had any vibration problems at all… I’m only aware of one or two maybe that they ever did which had a vibe issue, and they were -very- minor. Anything else that had any vibe had it before they got ahold of it.

But this is derailing the thread away from the stated question… powder, on average, does not add a lot of value to a yoyo.


OK, so let’s all agree that who does a powder coat can add or detract from the resale value of a yoyo, as in any other mod, whether it be re-tapping, polishing or whatever…

Now to get back on topic, does powder coat in general add or detract from the resale value?

…if only somebody had addressed that…