Im getting a 1 of 2 two tone canvas on wednesday. This is a very rare and precious throw but it has shallow damage. Since i still need the rare colorway to be visible, i will only be polishing the catch-zone. Since it seems like a safer choice, can i use a chemical strip, followed by using the finest grain sandpaper i can find, then polish?

To summerize:
Can i…

1: Chemical Strip
2: Rub with very fine grain sandpaper
3: Polish with Mothers


I wouldnt do that, chemicals can run all over the place and it would be hard to control that well. I would grab some paper, and just push really hard on the damage so only that part is sanded down. It will only barely fade the color around the damage, and wont decrease the value. Use 500 grit to do this.


The damage aint sharp, i just want it gone


The slight sanding will get rid of it as in you cant feel it and its smooth, but it will still be grey/silver. I guess do your way, but I dont think it will work. If it is damage, high grit wont remove it. The higher grits is to get rid of the scratches from the lower sp, and the higher ones are just making them so close together you can barely see them.


I think it would be best if there was the possibilities of photos being done to show the damage.

My thoughts are to simply leave it as-is, because any removal of the “precious colorway” will cause the value to plummet.

Then again, my thoughts aren’t revolving around retaining value for resale or trade purposes. I get my yoyos so I can play them, have them, share them and enjoy them. I get what I like or want(or in some cases get insane BST deals from).



But i only plan on pollishing the catch zone :wink:


That still takes down the value of the yoyo quite a bit. And is that a weird pic or is the axle bent?


Neither ???


It’s taken too close, probably w/o a macro function.


I wouldn’t touch it. It is much like trimming a mustache and going to short and evening it out etc.

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Don’t do it. It’s not worth it on a precious metal.


DONT DO IT. Sorry for the caps, but please don’t do it man. Lowers value so much and it’ll look better without the polish. Trust me on this.



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Hate to be a dream killer but that canvas isn’t worth much. I’ve watched it get passed around the BST 3 times now each time the value getting lower. The lowest I saw was $80.

And it’s a 1 of 3 dual tone canvas.


Would it add value if the dings werent there? Like if i polished them out?


No, it would reduce value.


Thats weird. So a polished mint yoyo is worth less than an annoed beat yoyo? Wow


If it’s polished it isn’t mint.