I used to worry about messing up my yoyos

I used to worry so much about scratching or dinging my yoyos but now I just dont care (unless its a rare or collectable throw). If I really enjoy a yoyo and am sure I will be playing it, I usually walk the dog with it on purpose to give it a few marks.

Ever since I turned my main focus to improving, I just dont care about what happens anymore… If my yoyo hits the ground, I never even stop and think about it, i just keep throwing.

This all happened after thinking about my old skateboarding days… I would spend 50 on a brand new deck just to completely trash it within a few weeks, then when it was to the point of no return, simply get a new one.

Yoyoing is no different… I get yoyos to throw and enjoy and mistakes can happen, especially when you are trying to get to the next level. The only yoyos I care about messing up are brand new ones that I’m not sure if I want to keep or not…everything else I just dont care.

I recently got a brand new yyf Peregrine, loved it and scratched it up the first day without a care in the world.

How do you feel about scratching/ dinging your yoyos and why?


I use my yoyos wherever I want without stress.

If they get damage, I smooth it out with some light sandpaper.

I trade a lot of yoyos, and if the yoyo has damage or vibe, I am clear about it and provide a ton of pictures.

Odds are, if the yoyo has a lot of damage, it means I play it a lot and am likely not to trade it away anyway.

I don’t let it stress me. Yoyoing is fun.



I will also play anything anywhere. Usually have a single yoyo in my bag and don’t switch it out (was a Cyber Crash, then a FTY 138, now the Ditch with dice on it) for a while. Everything else gets dropped, smashed, 5A’d, etc. Usually no catastrophic damage, but definitely signs of love on most of the ones I like the most.


Now thats what I like to see! Playing these till they have to be replaced… I know you got the skills sheesh

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Some just look better with ware and marks, like vintage electric guitars, it adds character




Def no need to stress over yoyos! It’s supposed to be fun


This is true!

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Yoyos are meant to be played


Well said! If it’s a yoyo I know I definitely will keep, I don’t care about dinging it either because that’s what makes it mine. I did the same with my Peregrine, I have two and rarely have two of the same. Did the same with my Ti Krown as well, but that yoyo is indestructible.


Seeing well loved Markmonts makes me happy :blush:


I agree except for one thing. If it’s unmarked and trade fodder or potential sale, keep it that way. A $50 sale is now less desirable unfortunately.

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sometimes i throw my throws at the wall and laugh. other times i drop them into sinkholes and chuckle.


Case in point: I just yeeted my YoyoFreaks SuperFreak into the concreet while walking around the neighborhood with my son. Sanded down the scuff, smooth as ever, ready for the next adventure.


I’ve yeeted this so many times. I was in Spain for nationals and I was just banging it against stuff to make it ring. I did it so much my friend almost got hit by a cyclist because he assumed they were me messing around and not the cyclist ringing their bell.


Man I really wish we could get you to make more of those things. Also what do you recommend for quick polishing?


It’s Bryan Jardin’s signature, it just wouldn’t be right if you didn’t 5A with it. Although it’s seen a fair amount of 3A abuse as well.

Damage happens, ideally it wouldn’t if you’re just playing 1A, but it’s not a big deal when it does. It’s a good thing yoyos are a cheap hobby and they’re easy to replace.


I always thought 3A damage looks cool.


I decided I wanted a titanium yoyo, put much thought and research into my purchase. I wanted to use it as an edc so, for me, it needed to have a spike/fs hub, a decent shape for horizontal and be blasted instead of raw. I decided on the tibird and had no intention of babying it, 1st day I threw on 6ft string and played over concrete without a care in the world, no damage. 1st mark actually happened when I opened it up to lube the bearing and scratched it so I started scrawling on it with my bearing tool. Now it’s covered in my own art and all the dings and scratches that’ve happend since just add to its lovely tapestry, I’m happy with all its damage. Also, as much as I love it, I will never spend this much on a yoyo again :rofl: