dings, dings, dings.

Hello all. I just wanted to know what is your opinion about dings and scratches. Usually when I get a new yoyo I will protect it with my life and not let it get dinged, but I always fail and it gets dinged anyways. It is like my heart breaks lol, but after that I do not really worry about it and it kind of makes it more fun not worrying about it as much. What do you guys think about them? and if you have pictures of some serious dings just post them! :wink:

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I hate dings, but they will happen. I work hard for my stuff. I like my stuff to stay as nice as it can for as long as it can.

What annoys me is when someone takes one of my yoyos(often new), dings it and then doesn’t have the guts to let me know. I’ve discovered lots of dings this way. I’m much more selective over who can try something out. I am not quick to try out other people’s stuff these days, ESPECIALLY over hard surfaces. I don’t wish to accidentally damage anyone else’s stuff.

Another thing is with my yoyo/skill toy group, I got lots of self-proclaimed “experienced throwers”(usually kendama cross-over kids) who can’t figure out how to do the slipknot and have sent dozens of my yoyos FLYING. Thank goodness for meeting over grassy fields. Granted, kendama requires less set-up time since you just “grab and go”. With kendama, nicks and dings are part of regular play as the very nature of the kendama as a skill toy involves intentional hit to the cups and spike. With yoyo, the set-up time is not very complicated, but it does involve making that slipknot. It’s just frustrating when intentional carelessness can be the cause of lots of damage. Most of the cross-over kendama kids have yoyos full of dings, flat spots, nicks, scrapes, scratches and more because it never occurred to them to look up how to put the string on their finger. The odd thing is most of them are demanding high end stuff too. Hey, if they want to beat up a One Drop or CLYW, then more power to them. What gets me though is that they don’t seem to be bothered about beating the crap out of their stuff or someone else’s stuff.

Once something gets dinged, I don’t worry quite as much since it’s been now marked as “damaged goods”. Either way though, I don’t want it to take more damage. I’d rather be the one who makes the mistake and causes a ding to my own yoyos. I dislike having to place blame with someone else.

At the same time, if you’re gonna take a yoyo out and about, especially over hard surfaces, you MUST accept the fact that “something bad is gonna happen. Maybe not now, maybe a long time from now, but maybe never. But, you’re in a risk environment” Accept that risk and then move on knowing the accidental consequences that could occur.

In the end, we do got to remember: these are toys. Stuff happens. Is the yoyo any less fun now? Hopefully that answer is “no”. Keep throwing!!


I just use one “beater.” Basically you just use one yo-yo that’s beaten and keep all the others nice.

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I’m on the same page as studio. I’m careful, but they’re gonna happen once in a while. That said I always wonder how a lot of yoyos get to the state that they’re in when I see them on the BST. Hitting a yoyo on something is a fairly rare occurrence for me, a ding I can actually feel that breaks ano is even more rare and I’m not sure I’ve ever even dinged the same yoyo more than twice. I know some people play a lot more than me and probably play fewer yoyos than I do but I have a really hard time grasping how there are so many effectively trashed yoyos on the BST.

I only throw inside but I do throw in narrow areas and over hard floors relatively often so bad stuff is frequently possible. My only real precaution is only taking 1 yoyo that I wouldn’t mind never seeing again when I travel in case it disappears or is otherwise destroyed somehow. I would definitely miss my Yuuksta but it would be easy and inexpensive to replace compared to almost everything else I really enjoy.

i wear them like badges of honor!

in the end, it’s just a toy, and toys that get used and abused are usually the ones that people love the longest. kinda like that velveteen rabbit.

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I don’t care about dings much.

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Yeah you have some pretty good points. When I play with someone else’s yoyo I prefer it to be on a soft surface and away from other yoyoers because one time at worlds my friend was trying a new yoyo of YYJ and I was playing with my dv888 and they hit rah other and then it was brought down to a grade B :S so be are flu with yoyos that aren’t yours kids lol.

Haha yes!!! When a yoyo gets so dinged up that you have pride that it has all those marks haha, but every time I will get a new throw I’ll still try to keep it mint haha for as long as I can lol

This is my Duncan MG, its a prototype. It cost me 250 bucks. Which is a hell of a lot for me. This was taken years ago it is still working great and my main throw. Looks a bit more… lets say… ahh used?
Anyhow Assuming you are not doing something stupid like buy yoyo’s as an investment, I can’t see why the hell you would worry about dinging them. Once I know its not for trade its takes a beating. haven’t regretted a single one. I’m just not that vain, I guess.


Man that yoyo sure has some history haha :wink: That is awesome that you still consider it as your main throw. When I see a yoyo like that I just think man how much playing time must that thing have? lol good job man continue throwing!

How did I know that picture would surface?

Could you take a new picture? I really want to see it now.

I try to keep yoyos mint. But as you said It happens.

I really don’t care except when it comes to trades.

Some guy offers a price on my yoyo. I send him pics and “Not with all those dings” (not talking about you snafu :P)

I usual beat em to pulp, then satin the rims and keep them for life! Or paint them and so on…

There is kind of this mantra with contact jugglers about when you get your first scratch / scuff on your shiny acrylic ball. It’s a bit hard to put into words, it’s kind of like everyone who has put in the effort goes through it but in the end realizes that it wont be the last time the ball gets dropped, but the damage sort of helps you let go and become more ambitious with learning (and now you have a practice ball you can use while you keep your performance ball nice).

I am not saying going out and purposefully dinging up your 250.00 yo-yo in the hopes it will make you an instantly better yoyoer is going to work. I am just saying sometimes coming to terms with a ding may not be a bad thing if you look at it from a different perspective.

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I do not seek out dings, but nor do I worry about them. I play all of my yoyos wherever I happen to be. Been carrying my new format:C around on a holster and throwing it in my kid’s school’s paved lot, or on the paved path to and from drop-off.

There are a FEW yoyos that make me a little bit cringey when they get dinged… the format:C will be one of them; my El Ranchero was another (though when a newbie dinged it at a club meeting, it was actually fine. I just let him keep using it!)… but for the most part I only care if it affects play.

It’s not that I don’t appreciate the value of a pricey yoyo; it’s that I appreciate their value differently. If I pay that much money for something to play, I’d better be playing it and enjoying it in a way that makes me happy. Which means taking it out anywhere and everywhere. :wink: I’m not much of a reseller so I’m not worried about lost resale value, so that factors into my lack of fear for dings.

Of course there are limits. I gently turn down three-foot high 5-year olds who are simply too short to throw the yoyo without it banging on the ground. However, I have given my yoyos to three-foot high 5-year olds when they could safely stand on a picnic table or something like that. :wink: I also kick myself for not bringing a plastic with a short string everywhere I go… kids will inevitably want to play, and I should really be better prepared.



I was pretty devastated the day I got that new ding on the red one. I was like :’(


Lol. Soon as I saw this thread I thought of your near mint yoyos.

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I nicked my Shutter the other day. I got pretty lucky though because the nick is pretty small and you can’t feel it. Plays like new.

How do you like the shutter?

I always enjoy posting this as well.


Those are both near mint, but the pink one is definitely nearer mint.


I would hope the proto is the nearest to mint! :wink: