Dinged yoyos-> strategies to avoid it/ show your dings

I used to ding a lot of yoyo, and it still butterfly me off,but i make sure only the “lower-end”/cheaper throws get dinged
but here’s how i proceed:

(100-200$)Hi-end throws–>only play them over carpet and make sure nothing is in the way, all mint

(60-40$) “regular” throws–> play them at home mostly, maybe in the garden(over grass) or at the park but i’ll take care of them, minor dings, good metal quality gives shows less damage

(20-5$) Cheap/poket/beater throws–> magic yoyo, here we go!! it’s time to hip-hop and try all the crazy stuff anywhere any time! and when you’re frustrated here’s what you do with your cheap throw:

how does people react to Dings here?
show your dings if you like

medium end throw: small dings

cheap throws/beaters: bad metal quality, big dings!

$0-$200+ = I play everywhere. If dings happen… Oh well. Not to big of a stickler unless its something really rare.


even the 150$+ throws?!? wow…if my CLYW or TP got dinged, i’d jumped from the first window (i live in apartment)

A piece of metal on a string is nothing to cry over, much less jump from a building. :wink:

I play all of my yoyos everywhere. Concrete, tile floors… you name it. It doesn’t even cross my mind to leave the house with a plastic instead of one of my metals unless I’m simply in the mood for that plastic yoyo that particular day.

I do have a few dings to show for it… and have purchased dinged yoyos from the BST. Will take some photos.

strategies to avoid them… dont use your yoyo.

most recent ding additions thanks to my kid … i don’t mind though… it’s a toy.

When I first get a yoyo, I’m really careful with it, but after a while, ding or no ding, I throw everything everywhere.

wow, nice comments, thanks guys
i once heard someone say that, he bought everything in double…he had one “for show” and one he played and if it got dinged, he’d be less frustrated about it…–>kinda funny ^^

i’m not going to lie to myself and pretend i don’t care when my yoyo gets dings, i do care
toy or not, it’s a hobby, a pretty expensive one too imo

maybe, but a precision machined, high performance, awesomely anodized yoyo might be.

I have to admit, although I remember how awesome it was to have that sort of thing as a younger man ($200 was a LOT of money for me!), it’s hard to project back there. Once you’ve had your car dented or scratched in the parking lot a few times (with nobody leaving their information to make it right), a dinged yoyo is pretty small in scale. Car parts are such a ripoff… $1000 just to suck a dent out and refinish the panel… suffice it to say I just lived with that kind of damage. :wink:

tbh I don’t really care at all

I guess if its an ultra rare throw then it’d be different but I don’t see the point on intentionally keeping a throw mint because as you’re doing that you’re unintentionally holding your “yoyoing potential” back if that makes sense. Since you’re throwing while being cautious not to damage your yoyo. Idk

I use all my yoyos where ever and when ever I feel fit. Normally I am over concrete or asphalt.
All my yoyos work fine but have been beat to heck.
I have a proto duncan mg that I play like it had no worth at all, I paid 250$ bucks for it. Maybe more, I don’t really remember at this point.

Whats the point in buying anything if your not gonna use it? I really don’t understand whats so bad about dings.

You are not doing it right. If you want your toy to stay brand new, dont play with it.
I let a noob try my chief at school the other day over a concrete floor. I hesitated for a split second, but then I remembered that its a toy and I will still have my health and all no matter what. I asked him to be careful, thats it!

And about the EXPENSIVE HOBBY bit, you obviously missed a big part of yoyoing for begginers 101.
Like in every aspect of life, some people want more, want every type of thing, or the biggest. Its human nature. Sure, its nice to have the choice, and I sure do enjoy my clyws a lot, but I have just as much fun with a yyf onestar or psg asteroid. If you are having fun, that’s ALL that matters.

Let’s see some of those dings! :smiley: I’ll fire up a few when I get home.

It’s not so much the price but the colour way to me. I’ve only really got one that I’m actively trying to preserve the others I don’t try to ding up but I’m not to worried about it.

I will say with metals I almost never throw 5A over anything but wood and carpet because with my skill level drops are not a possibility as much as a reality.

I also feel like it shouldn’t matter if people got some stuff they want to keep nice as long as they got some beaters they throw too.

It’s still a piece of metal on a string :wink:

I’m in that ‘I don’t really care about dings’ camp. That’s not saying much, though. Most of my yoyos rarely get damaged because I typically play them in my carpeted living room.

But I did take a strike-anywhere match to my Ti Walker once.

It didn’t light :frowning: But I was able to burn a match on a counterfeit Sleipnir. ???

But Turbo is right, the best way to avoid dings is to not play your yoyos.

exactly … it’s nice to preserve some of your favorite throws in near mint conditions

beginners 101? i totally screwed that when i saw the metal yoyos… i didn’t start yoyo at 14, i started at 20! i jumped right into the mid end and the hi end throws, in fact, i don’t even have plastic!
and i am having fun by throwing expensive mint throws…
really, i can understand people who own cars and a lot of money not caring for their Hi end throw, but it still sucks, some of em are piece of art that gets their “perfection” ruined once hit…again, that’s how i see it…

I mean they are just overpriced pieces of metal, honestly, they arent very expensive materials wise, a lot of price comes from production, time, and machining stuff.

I say just have fun with your yoyos, and dont fret when they get hit, because they will!

Dings are only love marks ^^! There is a story in every ding.

production, time and machining… yes, that doesn’t = overprice
–> those are the values of a yoyo, when you work, we pay you the time for it. same thing

an overpriced yoyo is when you take this “original worth” ^ and you add artificial value to it … supposedly justified by “rare colors” or “signed/sponsored by a world champ” ect…

also, in the cost, is the price to cover for the runs of yoyo…if it’s a big run (magic yoyo, YYF, YYJ) it needs little to no cover…but if its a smaller run (General Yo, Turning Point, CLYW(?), ect…) it needs a lot more money to cover the machinery …

this is why i don’t consider TP or YYR as overpriced, and i consider a lot of YYJ AND YYF as overpriced. along with the Chief from CLYW …XD

that sir is the stupidest thing to take for granted …i’m going to trash you brand new car, how’s that for love and stories? who would want to remember his dings? not me, i got enough nightmares as it is