How to get over "Dinging a Yoyo"


This forum, like many others are FILLED, with beginning players looking desperately for a way to cure

their yoyos of the wretched ding they have placed on it. While nothing short of a time machine can

repair that silly little error, that has left your throw scared you can… Learn to get over it.

What is your worst ding ? What yoyo did you put it on ?

(Erik Kerber ) #2

When I just bought my YYF 888 I dinged it on the first day. That was the worst ding at the time but now that I’ve got fancier yoyo’s it’s not a big deal any more


I guess I’m just lucky in that dings have never bothered me.

If they’re physically uncomfortable/sharp, you can take a bit of ultra-fine sandpaper or steel wool to them to smooth them out a bit.


I dinged up my Shutter after hitting the bottom-side of my granet counter-tops.


I’ll agree. The best advice, for nearly anything, is to just get over it unless you can prevent it from happening to begin with. #lifelessons


I dinged my old Shutter on concrete the day I worked out a trade for it, I felt like a complete idiot. Thankfully I fixed it the best I could and the other person didn’t mind at all.

I know now not to throw a yoyo after I’ve worked out a trade.

#lessonlearned #idiot


I’ve beaten my HOT to the point where it is super vibey. Getting a proto so I don’t mind.

I beat my Capless so frikin much. My first metal yoyo.

Other than that I have been able to reduce it to two or less dings on a yoyo :slight_smile: some are still mint!


It’s just the first ding. The first ding usually bums me out but after that I usually don’t care.

(major_seventh) #9

Exactly my story. The first day I got my 888 I dinged it and was devastated. Don’t mind dings as much, (think of them more like marks of love lol), but I would be pretty bummed if my ReClash or Chief got a pretty bad gash.


I just hate the dings that cut up my hands. My Too Hot got one and I don’t use it much anymore because of the pain lol


I would have much less to do if it wasn’t for dings!

(kclejeune) #12

I just accept it and move on, most pros beat their yoyos.

I try not to let them happen but if they do I won’t die.


While I was at Cal states my 28s puffin 2 fell out of my pocket while I was running and it has a good amount of pinpricks all over. Didn’t really care.

I dinged my prestige at least 5 times during my trip to PNWR and while I was there. My draupnirs (when I had 2) have all taken falls and smacks. Very few of my throws are still mint. For the most part, I don’t really care if something happens to my yoyos. I’ll avoid it the best I can, but it happens and it’s whatever :wink:


The only time I care about damage is when it can affect the resale value (assuming it’s something I plan on selling). This is rarely the case, however, since throws I’m going to throw up on my BST are meticulously played for short periods of time.

Other than that, it doesn’t bother me. Not that I damage my yoyos anyways; I almost exclusively play in my large, carpeted living room.


Hashtags on a yoyo forum, I agree with you.


I was playing around with 4a and completely forgot I was playing 4a and didn’t hold the string and threw my yelets on concrete and into a pile of steel bars. That was dumb. Now I have a throw that only gets used over concrete and I don’t care what happens to it! Even with all the dings it is still vibe free on 70% of my throws. The trick is to do something stupid and the do it again on the other side.


Here is the barracuda I won nationals with

I still play with it all the time and new dings are added constantly.

Having fun and coming up with new tricks is far more important to me than the condition of any yoyo.

Besides, dings have little or no effect play. I feel like most of the issues people have with dings are mostly mental.


Agreed. The only real problem with dings is they hurt on contact for ten minutes and then they’re okay.


Well look at Jrod. He dings his Code 1 all the time and sometimes its still in mint box.


So, I got a SD Smooth Move and I flaked the Nickel plating and shaved of some of the sides. I broke down in unhappiness and sobbed in a corner for a week without eating and/or using the bathroom. Plus I was unhappy. :smiley: