Ding Anxiety

Is anyone afraid of using their new yoyo outside cause they’re afraid to ding it?
Personally I don’t use my chief anywhere but in my bedroom
I hope Im not the only person who acts like this

All my metal are only played on the carpet in my room and in the summer i play on grass

What’s wrong with dings?


I had a similar issue when I first started back to yoyoing. I finally got brave and used my DMII with nickel rims outside and dinner it in the first 5 minutes. I was pretty upset when it happened, but it pushed me towards a happier time, a time where I can use my yoyos when and where I want. I can to the realization after the first 4-5 dinks I put into yoyos that indeed, they are toys, and are replaceable. To this day I won’t buy a yoyo that I’m worried about damaging. And I’ve not found a yoyo I decided against buying for that reason either.

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Most people are like this :stuck_out_tongue:
My poor Phenom got its first like 5 dings a few weeks ago.
I was loosening the string and it just dropped out of the loop.
Oh well, move on. Dings aren’t serious unless they’re like 1cm deep.

Exactly this.

I never had the phase of being afraid, but if you do have that feeling, I would recommend earnestly trying to move beyond it. The joy I get from throwing anytime, anywhere, and for some very friendly and interested strangers all over the world is so much more important to me than the pristine condition of a yoyo. My favourite yoyo is the Krown, and it’s not cheap. I haven’t dinged it yet, despite playing it everywhere all the time. But it will get dinged eventually. I don’t go out of my way to do it (hence there are no dings just yet!) but I haven’t avoided playing it in a single location. Concrete, ashphalt, ceramic tile… I’ve played it over every surface. If it gets irreparable damage (not likely) I will play my other yoyos and save for however many weeks it takes, and then get a replacement. :wink:

These threads actually create a surprising amount of negative feelings because now somebody will come along and feel picked on just because I think it’s a real shame for people to not just play whatever yoyo they want wherever they want. :wink: I’m not saying y’all are crazy for playing only indoors or only over carpet. But I’m also not NOT saying that. Haha!

I can understand that when dropping $100 on a new yoyo. I’ve always been one to take care of my things. I have the same issue with my guitars. I solved the issue by buying a beat Fender Strat that sounds amazing. I don’t even own a case for it. A simple solution might be to get a good yoyo that is already dinged up and carry it around with you. You’ll find your not attached to it like a new throw. Also any yoyo that uses the metal color (like the YYE editions) hide dings really well. Much more so than a solid color.

Gym Kirk has a great idea… but the irony is that the dinged up beater that you carry around will become your favourite yoyo. :wink: Assuming you enjoy its play characteristics in general, that is.

Well, dings mostly happen when we’re careless. I’ve had a close few shaves when I was lazy about my throw and had my hand too low - Shutter went into the carpet. Another time I misjudged, and sent it crashing into my tiled bathroom floor (no, I wasn’t on the toilet; yes, I was brushing my teeth and yoyoing).

To me, it’s a lesson in being conscious of how the yoyo is moving etc. Control the yoyo well and just be aware of your surroundings; like Greg says, it feels so good to throw anytime, anywhere.

True enough, it’ll hurt to damage a more expensive throw especially if you’re not earning your keep or if you’re at university etc. Gym Kirk’s answer to that is great! Just use one yoyo as an EDC tank. :slight_smile:

I let my Shutter and ONEstar take turns but am inclined to bring out my ONEstar more often, just in case someone asks to try!

Dings are just love marks! Although sometimes I worry the tree alike of a particular Yoyo would go down due to damage, but if your not gonna plan on selling or trading it, I wouldn’t worry. Plus yoyos are used more when dinged up

You’re always picking on me, Greg! You give off a supporting, pleasant demeanor, but we all know what you’re hiding underneath. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m actually one of those people that throws indoors to avoid dings. At $80-$150 for a yoyo, I want to keep it as close to its original condition for as long as I can. Plus it makes it easier to offer as a trade on the BST board if it’s undamaged. But when it comes to my 3 favorite yoyos to throw (Genesis, Burnside & Skywalker), I purchased multiples - one to play indoors all the time and one to play anywhere. And if anything serious happens like it rolling down the cement steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, I have Mullicabob on speed dial. ;D

MikeEff’s got the best of both worlds. :wink:

I need to get me a Skywalker…

This is what happened to me:

I used to be extremely afraid of dinging my throws, only using plastics outside. I got a brand new 888x for my 13th birthday a few years back, and it was “my precious”. I of course, near the end of the day of buying it, dinged it, right on the concrete.

I was devastated.

I even almost bought a YYF Counter attack since the metal was inside the plastic. But I ended up canceling that order before it could ship.

To this day I still have that blue 888x, and it has marks from all over the place. One mark was from hitting my cast, another from a friend I teach piano to using it, and another from this cool class I used to take with some friends years back.

I still use that 888x. ;D Dings show love! Don’t be afraid to get them!

Mullicabob made me this one. Sparkly… ;D


^^ Oo, nice!

Whelp, my yoyo came apart while I was playing. Heard the tell-tale sound of the halves coming loose and caught both before they really flew apart, but the axle scratched up the ano as I was doing so.

My Shutter is officially ding’d… and I feel great! I think I’ve officially graduated from the babying phase of yoyo ownership. Take care of your yoyo, but don’t go crazy over it. ;D

Really feelin’ this!

I don’t mind dings on flat surface, I got upset if it causes sharp marks, even after sanding them down they’re still “concaved” thus still sharp in some instance.

My biggest ‘fear’ is singing somebody elses’ Yoyo. I am careful with any Yoyo I throw. But I refuse to be afraid to have fun with Any Yoyo over any type of surface.

If I borrow a Yoyo that I have never tried; I’ve never gotten over the concern of possibly smacking the Yoyo into ‘whatever’.

‘Oops, sorry about’.

Just don’t look forward to having to tell anybody that I had an accident with ‘their’ Yoyo.


Well, you can always join the world of doubles like me. That’s the best of both worlds, in my eyes. One to play, and one to admire in it’s original state as long as I want. Of course, that applies to the ones I like best.

I always say in these threads, it’s your money and your yo-yo, so you do with it whatever you want. Play wherever you want to play (or not), whatever makes you happy. Don’t cave in to anyone else’s standards.

I never consider anyone’s opinion about what I do with my stuff, an opinion that really matters. If people want to beat their stuff to heck, that’s their prerogative. It’s just not my style, even with the few that get the little marks on them, I don’t try to run them into the ground.

I like to keep my things looking nice, always have, and always will. It has nothing to do with me selling a yo-yo later, because that rarely happens anyway. But, when someone like MikeEff goes to unload his things, people who like nice looking things like myself, might provide him an easy sale. I like to buy things from people who have a reputation for being “careful.”

So, it’s your stuff, and you have a right to treat it how you want. I’m more like you, generally careful with my things too. I also agree with Yoyodoc, to the extent that I am extremely careful when someone entrusts me with their property, and I treat it with a higher standard than my own property.

I’ve never really cared about dings personally since I don’t sell or trade my yoyos.

If you’re an active B/S/T-er then I can understand you being very cautious, as even a single ding is a loss of money to you. Nobody wants to make a big loss on every yoyo they sell so I can see why people treat them like they’re made of glass.

Since I don’t ever plan on selling any of mine however, I really don’t mind how bruised and beaten they get. As long as it doesn’t induce a stupid amount of wobble then I’ll take a ding or two in my stride.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’d prefer not to ding any of them… but it’s not the end of the world if I do. I just think of them as “well loved”… ;D

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