badly dinged yoyo

Hey everyone, so last night I was playing with my yoyo in my room and it hit my ceiling fan which was spinning. My yoyo got a huge paint mark, luckily it was only paint and like always a little spit-shine did the trick (of getting the paint off)
It just got me wondering how do you handle a ding, does it ruin you day like me, or do you not care.

Also if you have stories about crazy ways you’ve dinged your yoyos, then feel free to share them. :smiley:

hint: there is no paint. maybe an ano marking…

I ment the paint on my fan rubed off on the yoyo

well its not that idc cause i pay good money that i do work for to get them but i ignore it because to me if it plays well the dings dont mattrer

and the craziest way of got a ding(more like aythousand dings) is wen i was a beginner i went to my grandmas hloouse,and she has a huge steep hill cement driveway. I was just finishing intermediate so i had my dark magic and was putting a new string on it when i forgot to screw the yoyo together and i threw it it hit the ground so hard the sidecaps shot straight outwards and it went flying down the driveway across the street lol that was a duhhhhh moment

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When I acquire a yoyo I am actually going to keep and not sell, the first thing I do is smash it on concrete a few times,

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are…you serious

I would never :o

doesn’t bother me at all. I don’t even like yoyos you can’t feel the spin on.

I once had a yoyo snag, and fly out of my hand(5A) and under a passing car, which clipped the edge of the yoyo with the front tire, sending it up and down, from the underside of the car, to the asphault. Then when it finaly passed it was on it’s way back up to hit the car again but missed, and few about 20 feed in the air. There where some deep dings in that yoyo after that. Still worked great, and I still have it. :slight_smile: This was like 6 years ago or so.

When I was first learning I had a FAST 201 and I was at a restaurant and I threw it and it came of the string and rolled down the Parkin lot to the edge of the road! Luckily it was a cheap yo:-)

Know how you feel…,29396.0.html

really? don’t you have a pure gold spyy though? ._.

You don’t have to try and degrade everyone.

I used to care a lot when I dinged a yoyo, and I would quit using that yoyo for a while, but that was when I was starting. I probably ding my yoyos against something every day now. Doesn’t matter at all, there’s always a solution in the end anyway. Dinging yoyos make it one of one, and proves it yours.

I kinda like that Boba Fett look!

if it’s dinged, I play it more because I don’t care that much anymore

dinged = loved

Every time one of these dinged up yoyo threads come up, I never understand why people care about dings so much.

Seriously. Yoyos are much a toy. The dings show that you actually played with it, rather than just put it in a glass case.

My Markmont has hundreds of scatches, dings, and scuffs all the way around the rings. All that they do is prove that I actually played with it. It’s not a bad thing.

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I like my stuff to stay nice, regardless of how much it gets used.

This is in direct contrast to those I live with, who are on a never-ending quest to destroy everything they can get with 100 feet of. All I can say is that when one of them chose to throw one of my yoyos, they chose the Fireball(which they destroyed) instead of my DM2, which my kids said “don’t touch”(they may be laying claim to that one for their destruction of it later).

As long as I can control damage, then it’s OK. This isn’t like with my mics. Grill damage means I replace the grill. Clients won’t deal with dinged up mics.

so true

If I ding a yoyo then so be it. It’s not like I only play over carpet or grass. I just play yoyo. what happens happens and I go one playing yoyo.

I do still cringe on the first ding though.

the only time i would ever be mad is if i open my yoyo on chrismas stand up and throw it and it gets dinged… like some things after time you dont care if it gets dinged at all…

Icthus said it best. Dings happen. I dont like em. I dont hate em. I do a lot of trading so I like having my stuff in nice condition. It just helps me sleep at night. But, if i get a ding, or some sort of scratch. I just look at it, go “Cool” and keep on going.