Poor YoYo's : (

I was cruising the BST’s earlier tonight and I made a little observation that I need to talk about.

50%+ of the yoyo’s I saw TONIGHT (not saying all) were dinged like crazy, or scratched to death. What are these people doing to these poor yoyo’s? Did Dad accidentally run them over with the lawn mower? Did Mom dump them down the garbage disposal? I guess you can get a good deal, but at a hefty cost. I guess it just kinda makes me sad.

Is it a maturity issue? Are most of these yo’s gifted and thus doomed to be mistreated? I have personally bought all of my own yoyo’s and I have one ding in my Axiom and it makes me ill to look at, I can’t imagine being able to cope with some of the atrocities I saw in the BST’s.

Any thoughts? Anyone agree? Can any abused yoyo owner’s shed some light on how this is possible?

Some people have a certain yoyo that is a beater.
I sure do.

I guess when I hear “beater” I picture my old Dark Magic. The rims aren’t as shiny as they used to be, but they don’t look like a dog’s chew toy. There isn’t a ding on the thing. Tell me about your beater, what is its condition? How did it get to that point?

Or maybe I’m just a tad loony.

i know with all the good money i spent on yoyo, i do my very best to keep them mint. i think the only scratch i have ever gotten was on my yyj hitman, though it is only three pin-pricks.

Some people (like me) would rather actually play with a yoyo than try to keep it in mint codition like their life depends on it. There are a few of my yoyos that are mint, mostly because I just don’t play them that much, or recently got them. If I dinged them, I’d actually be happier than if I kept it mint for the rest of my life. It’d have some character. However, I’d never ding a yoyo on purpose. Well, unless it was my M1. ;D

they’re toys. i play with them. they’re also instruments of art, which need not always be controlled or devoid of risk. the ones i care about bear the evidence, and (i’d like to think) do so with more pride than a toy relegated to a destiny of pampered safety. i bring my yo-yo’s out into the dusty world and i play them; not with the intention of keeping them ever the same, but allowing them to be changed and shaped by the world just as i am. i say all the time that a yo-yo should reflect its owner. i have my scars and am not ashamed of any of them. it is precisely maturity that allows me to look at a yo-yo and see it for what it is; to see great love in one riddled with dings where you apparently see only carelessness. it is maturity that keeps me from investing in the illusion that any toy (or any person) is meant to be kept perfect and pristine and safe.

you’ll have a hard time convincing me that i should be ashamed of how i’ve played a yo-yo such as this, whose scars tell a piece of my own story.


Of course you ding it! Or at least I do. I try not to… but over time, accidents happen. You hit something, someone hits it with a scissor (happened once), and all that. However, I think dings give it personality. Without a ding, it could be any other yoyos. Dings make it unique. IMO.

It’s their yoyos.

Let 'em do what they want with them.

Well ding and scratch on my yoyos=bad mood for a while

I really like to keep my yoyo mint, but accident do happens, and every ding is almost like a teacher that tell me where i did go wrong, that teach me how to be a better player, how to do trick and pull out every potential out of my yoyo without hurting it (aka: ding).

I do agree if someone say that a ding is another story of my life.

I hope I didn’t insult anyone with that post. Heck, I poked fun at myself stating that maybe I’m a little weird. All about conversation and good times.

I take a couple of my yoyo’s out with me in the world, and I play with them quite often. I just wanted to see how other people felt about it. Maybe I should lighten up a little about whether my toys get hurt or not, but I doubt I will.

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!

I used to hate dings but now I honestly dont mind them. Sure, yoyos look better mint, and probably play better mint, but as Paolo said, dings give a yo character.

Funny story. In may, I was at a fountain near my school hanging out with my friends, and I dinged my 888. First time it happened. Ever. I looked at it, and almost started sobbing. I was so broken inside. It was my coolest yoyo, and I had banged it on the ground, and ruined it. I sat alone, sulking for 15 minutes, until my friend gave me some purple nail polish, and made it look fine. After that, I was super careful not to ding my yoyos. If i did, I would file them down and make it less noticable. I learned two things. 888’s are bad (IMHO, haha), and if you ding a yoyo, be proactive.

I only have 3 yoyo’s but my “beater” per se was my X-con which i got for my birthday 2 years ago. My heart absolutely broke when i let a friend use it. She kinda got the hang of it, but then tried to throw it extra hard and let her arm go down lower, in response the yoyo smashed on a curb. The plastic cover on the right shot off and i have not found it, but luckily i found the paper image behind it, so i can make it back to normal once i send for more plastic. She took a chunk out of the rim, adding to it, probably my 3rd scrape on the yoyo. It was a very sad day =(

Welcome to the world of 5a!

I definetly don’t like to ding my yoyo. My face gets numb every time I hit it on the ground or something. I don’t know why, but it just makes me sick whenever my hand runs over that scratch or ding.

Rage is what happens when I hit my DM, it has a like 3 dinges and a lot of scratches. But atleast it still works. Think of it this way, the plastic part of a yoyo if your using something with a aluminum is like the pharoah and the aluminum is willing to sacrifice its self to protect the plastic. But rage is like the 8th sin (( if it isnt one already )) but nothing bad can come of it!

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See in some(not all) cases the dings make the yoyo better… and plus its a toy if it ding it dings its a TOY… Plus the dings give the yos a personality, what they have beeen through and possibley how much more they can indure

Anyways, even if they are horrible, I don’t think you can help it sometimes. :’(

MY yoyo’s scars tell a story. It never bothers me to look at a ding and say,“I did that trying to land a _______” Because chances are that I ended up landing it.

Like I always, New Ferrari VS a beat up '67 Camaro. Take the Camaro, it has a story, a life to it. It’s taken couples to proms.

Sure it’s dented, but it was fun puttin them in there.

Great point, but isnt that a little DEEP for a YOYO??? lol i love em but not that much