You know what? I don't mind.

Just received a Canvas the other day, love it by the way, and I was playing it in my driveway while watching our new puppies. Well, it ended up smacking me in the hand and unscrewing, and now has a plethora of nice new dings on it from the concrete.

I don’t care. I feel like too many people get caught up in the condition of their throws some times, but I stick by this thought:

“If it’s worth playing, it’s worth dinging.”

If I plan to sell a yoyo, or trade it, I would want to keep it in the best condition possible, but when I come across a yoyo I really like, and I know I want to keep it, I don’t mind dinging it.

So don’t worry about it, go throw some yoyos. Throw 5a over some concrete. Have some fun.


I agree completely!

Soooo…Can I borrow your canvas to play some 5a over concrete?

I wanna have some fun! ;D

Yep, come on over, having a friend to throw with is worth any amount of dings. ;D

I’ll be there in a few!

I’ve gotten past the point of caring for dings. If I ding a yoyo, it’s unique. There was a time where if it wasn’t mint, I didn’t want it. Now, I’ll use anything granted it plays well. I’m actually a little hesitant when buying new yoyos though, because I prefer to use ones with a little bit of damage.

just put the 1st dent in my Pure Gold today

now it’s mine

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I don’t tend to hold on to any yoyo for more than 8 months. So I like to keep them in good shape as people like yoyos in good condition. Only ones I beat up are duncan FreeHands that I give away every now and then. Newbie’s don’t care about condition when they can’t even do a proper sleeper.

I’m the same way way. My gnarwhal whitch I will never trade is covered in dings as is my 09 severe witch was a gift from a friend but I’m trying to keep my generalyos mint so I can trade them later.

for some reason, my acrylic throws never see the ground, but it’s not even intentional

my got dinged intentionally tho, I like it better this way

Thats exactly how I feel. I was playing with my Yuuksta outside and I accidentally hit my concrete step and got a nasty ding. The first thing to come out of my mouth was “O well, its mine now”.

The only yo-yos I take outside are the ones I wouldn’t mind getting a ding in. Now I do have some yo-yos that I only play in the house. These are my rare collection yo-yos that I want to keep mint in case I ever plan on selling them.

Dings let me know I’m a great thrower. So I don’t mind them at all

I have lots of yo-yos that I use regularly that I don’t mind smacking on something. I have lots that get only occasional use that I’d be VERY sad if I smacked on something. For me it depends on which yo-yo I’m throwing.

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This is why new throws are kind of annoying


Wow, that’s funny that you posted about this right now. Yesterday i was in Portland (biggest city in Oregon) picking up my friend Slade from the airport. We were walking around downtown Portland yoyoing and i was throwing my brand New gold nugget Chief and the string came off my finger and it went bouncing across the courtyard :frowning: I about had a heart attack. It got a few dings, but it was still smooth. I was upset at first, but now i think i just dont care anymore as long as they are still smooth. Thats all that matters really. I feel almost relieved now, i’m not walking on eggshells everytime i throw my new yoyo. Strangely, it’s kinda a good feeling :slight_smile:

the thing is.

at first I got upset, but then I realized that being upset won’t change what just happened, the ding is here and not going anywhere. So really, what’s the point of getting upset other than making it even harder on yourself?

stuff happens, I mean if the worst thing on your day is to ding a yoyo, you’re doing pretty good! it’s not like it’s important or life changing or whatever, they’re meant to be played, and if they’re played, it’ll happen eventually.

I try not to abuse anything but I use everything! Better it gets dinged with me playing it than sitting prestine, untouched, unused, unloved. (I can say this because I’m not a collector. Not saying anything is wrong with collecting. Collecting just for collecting isn’t my thing.)

My favorite yoyo ever is my 44 Clash 09’ Severe.

09’ Severes are hard to come by, let alone a 44 clash version.

A few weeks ago I was playing it and it somehow catapaulted off of my finger, rocketed into the air, and landed on the cement porch…

Its dinged to heck, and the axle is bent, oh yeah…the axle hole is jacked to.

It screws together but the halves arent even. So it wobbles. Has a good vibe and small silvery dings everywhere.

But I don’t mind…I still love it and play it all the time.

I don’t mind either. :wink:

I love '09 Severes, I have a green one, and I used to own a 44 Clash one, and I’ll probably pick up more of them if I get a chance. Just dropped mine from a 5a aerial the other day while in my driveway, luckily the axle didn’t bend. Still love it.

Gunstar, do you play your 09 Severe capped? I think I prefer mine that way.

I do play mine capped. In fact before I dropped mine the caps were never off of it.

I played it uncapped and it was alright but I highly prefer the caps in.