How can you touch up your scratched/dinged yoyos?

Hey all, since getting married and wearing a wedding ring, I’ve started scratching up and dinging my yoyos. I used to take it off but I lost it out of my pocket, so I don’t do that anymore. Yoyos don’t mean as much to me as my wedding ring.

It pains me when I scratch my JO, Sasquatch, or Yuuksta.

How do you go about touching up your yoyos? What kind of paint do you use? Do you use regular automobile touch up paint, or do you use paint like you use to paint lead figurines, or something else altogether? I searched the forums, but apparently I’m terrible at using the search function.

Thanks for your help!

well I dont know about fixing scratches, but you could try putting medical tape around your ring so it wont get damaged, though i dont know what it will do to the ring itself. try it with a normal piece of metal to see if it smudges cause i wouldnt want your ring to get messed up.

You could satin it, but that would take off the anno, and it would be like raw metal. But it would take off the scratches.

Sanford Sharpie markers work well in some cases, particularly on black yoyos. Various red and blue work depending on the shade. Auto touchup paint sounds good given the large color variety available.

The Sharpie method worked quite well. Sharpie also sells paint Sharpies that I’d like to try out. Touch up paint is quite expensive for just 1 color, but would probably work good. I think I’ll stick to Sharpies for now. I didn’t think they would work so well because I figured the ink would just wipe right off, but if you let it dry and do a couple of coats, it’s nice. Thanks for the suggestions!

Yes, i have used sharpies on several occasions, especially on black and red throws, they work great (but i would have to redo it once in a while after it has worn off on the hand a little). Sharpie paint pens would work well i bet, i hadnt thought of that yet!

I don’t retouch my yoyos. Really dings should be something you keep on your yoyos so you know what its been through. Every time I look at my Peak, I look a each ding, and I know how I got them, and that brings back losts of memores. I don’t have anything against babying some of your yoyos, but touching up the dings is kind of extreme if you ask me.

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Hey Poalo, not to break the topic, but, do you happen to have more than one peak? perhaps one you would be interested in trading? PM me. mint is not a must.

Please don’t take this the wrong way. I couldn’t disagree more. If you want your yoyos to look like crap, that’s fine, it’s your yoyo, you can do whatever you want with it. Let’s replace “yoyo” with “automobile” with what you said.

“I don’t retouch my automobile. Really dings should be something you keep on your automobile so you know what its been through. Every time I look at my automobile, I look a each ding, and I know how I got them, and that brings back lots of memores. I don’t have anything against babying some of your automobiles, but touching up the dings is kind of extreme if you ask me.”

Why is touching up dings extreme again? Because wanting your possessions that you work so hard to keep in good condition to look good, is extreme? Every time I look at a ding or a scratch, I don’t have fond memories. I think, “dang, that’s the time my bind slipped when I was yoyoing over concrete”, or “dang, that’s the time my string was to tight, and the yoyo snagged!” Do dings really make you happy? Are you the type of person who never washes their car, paints their walls, washes their laundry, “because you want to know what they’ve been through, and that brings back lots of memories”?

Q. Hey man, you’ve had that grass stain on your jeans for the last 3 months, don’t you wash your clothing? A. Nah, it reminds me of the time I slid down that landslide, and almost died. OH the MEMORIES!

Q. Hey man, what’s up with the giant blood stain on the wall? Aren’t you going to paint over it?
A. Nah, reminds me of the time my cat exploded. Oh the memories!

I could go on forever with different scenarios of why I vehemently oppose your yoyo philosophy, but I won’t. If dinging your yoyos make you happy, cool beans, I on the other hand hate it. The point I’m getting at, when I ding a yoyo, it’s not an event I care to remember, it’s not a “oh boy! I dinged my yoyo! YAY!” kind of thing. I just don’t have that feeling.

Do you derive pleasure from remembering a painful moment, in other words Masochism?

Paolo, also remind me NEVER to trade with you.

See, car =/= yoyo, no matter how you slice it :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t touch up my dings either but I don’t see why it’s a big deal if someone wants to. I mean you don’t have to talk down to them by saying they are babying their yoyo’s. Some people like their stuff to look nice. I respect that. Lets keep this polite please.


How are yoyos any different than a car? Dings affect yoyos much more than a ding affects a car, yet people take great care of their cars, and not so much their yoyos.

Yoyos =/= Junk therefore I don’t treat them as junk.

Do you pay for your own yoyos? I know there are a few people that do pay for their own yoyos that really don’t mind dinging them up, but I just feel like some people just don’t appreciate what they have, any maybe they would treat their stuff a little better if it was purchased with their own money, rather than their parent’s.

Nail polish of the appropriate color and then clear coat satin or gloss to match the yoyos finish, works great for cars too.

Yes, I buy all of my own yoyos. And I don’t mind dinging them.

Cars ARE in fact different. Because when you buy a car, it is hundreds of thousands of dollars that you are putting into it, and generally, people are going to try and keep cars in good as shape as they can, in case they need to sell it. The market for yoyos is much more tight, and resell values for yoyos are’nt affected by dings, as much as playability. Cars are affected aesthically more than yoyos are when it comes to resell value.

Although I do see where you are coming from

Lets put it a different way. lf you do a grind with a skateboard, are you going to touch it up because you want it to look perfect, or are you just going to keep riding?

I compare my yoyos to skateboards, because they are both toys. I don’t campare them to cars, or walls, or clothes, because cars, walls and clothes aren’t toys.

I usually ding my yoyos when I try to hit lacerations and such, and I try until I hit them. Those are the memories I remember. I also like to remember what the yoyo has gone through with me, right at my side. If you don’t and would rather keep it looking perfect, go ahead, I have nothing against people who do that.

I never said babying your yoyos was a bad thing. I understand that. Having all your yoyos in perfect condition, however, I just can’t agree with. I couldn’t manage to go around with the constant fear of dinging my yoyo.

At the end of the day, all I have to say is…

Have at least one beater.

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Thanks for the suggestion, good idea!

I agree that should have at least one beater, but I’m not going to treat all of my yoyos like beaters. To some people their car is their toy. They drive it for fun, not out of neccessity. I don’t know anyone who puts hundreds of thousands of dollars into their automobile as you suggested. A lot of people I know own cars they could trade for 10 yoyos. To some people their clothing is their toys, they wear certain styles for fun, not out of neccessity. We all have our vices, and if those vices happen to be possessions, most people generally like to keep their possessions in good condition, whether or not they are “toys”. Just because it’s a toy doesn’t mean you should treat it like crap. I was alwasy taught to take good care of my toys. I don’t run around with the constant fear of dinging my yoyos. The reason I created this thread is so that I can ding up my yoyos, but be able to touch them up so the dings are not that visible. This thread was not about “what can I do to prevent dinging my yoyos?”. This thread was about “what can I do to make the yoyos that I’ve already dinged look better?”

I think I finally see where you are missing it. These guy’s don’t go out and ding their yoyo’s. They play them. If they just accidentally get a ding then oh well. They don’t ding it and then laugh about it. They stil go Dang! Oh well. And then continue playing with it.

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