Coping with pinpricks

Is it just me, or is it REALLY easy to at least get 1 or two pinpricks on a new yoyo in a couple of days?

How do you deal with them?!? I always get really sad and try to ignore it… But it always pops back into my mind each time I pick it up…
Would using a similar color sharpie in the pinprick area help/work?
What other ways can you fi te appearance?

Take better care of your yoyos.

I’ve had my mint chief for 2 weeks and play it everyday over wood or carpet. It’s still mint with no pin pricks

Wow way to make him feel better.

Just remember they’re toys and are meant to be used and damaged I don’t mind minor damage but anything really substantial bothers me. Just remember how much it doesn’t matter! Because they don’t change anything abou the yoyo

The easiest way I’ve found to cope with them is to not give a ____ about pinpricks. :wink:

A big mother clobberin’ on a yoyo, I might have some initial concern over. If I reel it back in and it throws fine, no concern. If it doesn’t throw fine anymore, I understand that I can’t change the past and it’s no concern anymore. :smiley:

These conversations will happen as long as there are yoyo forums, and I’m not trying to convert anyone or anything… but the most liberating thing I think you can do when playing a skill toy that you’re meant to hurl around… is have fun with it and not care overmuch about some incidental damage (it goes without saying, don’t go out of your way to damage it; but don’t go out of your way to be too precious with it, either!).





Lol this just made me forget about my pinpricks :stuck_out_tongue:
Can barely find them after seeing this xD

That is without a doubt the most hilarious yoyo related video I have ever seen and a fitting one since I just chased my dog around the house walking the dog at him (albeit with a plastic yoyo)

Can’t see the vid :confused: link plz

The forum software automatically converts it. I’m sure there’s an easier way, but for now, just take out the extra space I put in the word “vimeo”:


Holy crap… Walking that many dogs could make Steve a living.

Those would make for some awesome wind chimes…

You should point him to that video of you dragging a bunch of yoyos around in a house.

My advice is be as careful as you can, but at some point, something could happen. My thoughts are if one is getting pinpricks, put the yoyo in a different pocket that preferably has nothing in it.

Lol just watched that :stuck_out_tongue:

Where’s the picture of your white Espionage, Steve?

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you could try and tighten up your regimen surroundin’ keepin’ your yoyos mint. i have no thoughts on that.

yo yoin’ is inherently and naturally goin’ to beat my yoyos. all good dings in time, i always say. if i could comment - be more concerned w/ yoyoin’, and less w/ yoyos.

steve brown is my hero :slight_smile:



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Can’t seem to find it, so here’s a Roll Model.

I <3 Dings.

I’ll post a picture of y Al7 Albatross later.

I hope that one day I have the willpower to become a yoyo player instead of a yoyo collector that plays with his collection.