It's OK to Scratch Your Yo-yos

I found this and thought it was pretty funny.  :smiley:

he just says that because he can get new ones

I worry a lot. The whole time i was screaming NOOOOOO!!!

That is one expensive wind chime…

Expensive, but cool. Seriosly, just becouse we worry to much doesn’t mean he had to inflict carnage upon his yos. He didn’t even give a reason why.

Yeah he did.

seriously does it matter if yoyos get scratched
I remember when people do scream that when I drag my heavy cream on the floor

I know that it’s OK to scratch my yoyos, I just don’t get why I would want to scratch them.

^^ exactly - its OK to scratch your car or guitar too, but I don’t go around looking for opportunities to do so.  And it doesn’t make you more (or less) cool if your yoyos are all dinged up.

Besides - this is how its done:

what are u talking about
dings=love marks
I don’t do it to be cool
u are giving your yoyo more love
that is what I do.

Funny, after months of not scratching my Peak, I just scratched it today and I’m unphased. I was actually happy because it was not a ding but scratches that added some pretty cool character to my yoyo. To the people who are not for scratching yoyos, don’t worry. It happens and I am one of those guys but sometimes it fits your yoyo and style. :stuck_out_tongue:

My guitar fell down the stairs once. That was more of a boom bang crash than a scratch.

it is ok

but it dosent like you want to ding a yoyo on purpose doesnt it?
if those are battle mark, then you should be proud
if you make a mark so other people see you as cool, then it would sound like… :stuck_out_tongue:


Exactly. No offense to him for making that, but if you’re going to do that, just give those yoyos away to people who would at least try to take care of what they have instead of purposely messing them up.

well said.
theres some people that cant afford metals.

This is one of my first impressions of Steve and to tell you the truth, in no way shape or form am I a fan of this.
Why the hell would you purposely scratch your yoyo’s. I pay good money for my yo-yo’s and in no way am I purposely going to damage them. I put two scratches in my P2 and I was bummed, but it still plays the same and I got over it. I dont look at the scratches and say, hm I like my yoyo more now. I see them and say, oh darn, its a shame that this great yoyo has two marks!
I think this video is extremely dumb! I take pride in my yo-yo’s and scratching them isnt going to make me like them more. What if I want to trade them or sell them? People arnt going to see my dinged yoyo and say, man I want to pay full price for that dinged yoyo, thats some character right there, they are going to tell me im crazy for putting the price that high.
If you buy a new car are you going to smash one of your mirrors or key your car so you feel you “connected” to your car more? I sure hope not.
Its called respect, Respect your possessions.

This whole arguement is like asking Pete Townsend of The Who why he smashes guitars! It’s in the moment…if you ding it then pick it up and play with it more! i had a bad run in with a 5A drop with my genesis today and its fine. I’m still going to play with it!

Dude, radical. Steve Brown is the man. And he’s so right. It’s just a toy after all. :slight_smile:

Pete Townsend first started it by flailing his guitar and ended up sticking the guitar into the ceiling and when he pulled it off, it snapped from the neck. The crowd liked it so he continued to smash the guitar and thus the guitar smash was born.