How do you get over your new-yoyo-scratchphobia?

So I have been using my Benchmarks over the last few months and they have a few love marks on them now. Just got a OD Valor and a Duncan Barracuda recently and I find that I am still picking up my benchmarks more often then my sexy new throws mostly because I don’t want to scratch/ding them up.

Does anyone else have this issue? Is this normal? How did you get over your scratch-aphobia?

Yes, most people feel this way. I do, but pretty much only on the day I got it. So, yes, it is normal.

Also, try throwing it over thick carpet. It gives you a sense of security.

I won’t even play with new yo-yos until they’ve been photographed for the Museum - once it’s documented, dings are gonna happen, it’s inevitable. Doesn’t mean the first one on a new throw doesn’t hurt, because it does - it’s just part of yo-yo life :slight_smile:

All tile at my appartment >:(

I only play with my brand new throws at home over a carpeted floor for the first few weeks. After a while the “newness” starts to wears off and I don’t worry about them as much. That’s when I usually start carrying them with me

i yo yo w/ all my yoyos, regardless of the time or place. yoyoin’ has very lil’ to do w/ the actual yoyo…my playin’ experience is not hindered by scratchphobia.

all good dings in time, imho.




All my yoyos are scratch free (Look at my signature, they still look new like that, new as when I first received them). Play in carpet with lots of area to throw and you should be fine. If you go to a yoyo meet-up or some event, invest in a yoga mat to play on. Otherwise I carry a beater yoyo and not worry about scratches, my black Shutter. However, even my beater yoyo don’t even have scratches on them yet.

I walk the dog right off the bat to get some scratches in them.

Not really, but honestly scratches and dings/dents don’t bother me unless they REALLY mess up the play of the yoyo.

Play everything I own over carpet, or with a shorter string than usual. The only thing I actually use as a beater is my Regen, that thing bears the marks of an “over concrete” yoyo. I still wince when i hit the floor, even though its plastic and I bought it specifically to spare my metals, but its still a yoyo that I like, so I’d appreciate having it in the best condition possible.

I guess the collector in me still shines through, even on the workhorse throw, but thats just me



Preach it.

I am lucky my friend, just dumb luck.

I haven’t gotten over it fully.

I mean, a few of my prized throws have gotten scratched or dinged, and it’s ultimately not a big deal. I’m bummed for a minute, then I’m back to not caring. Because, honestly, the throws I care about most are ones that I’m likely to never part with, so I’m not worried about their value for selling or trading, as long as they still play well.

That being said, I take good care of everything I own, so I don’t like damaging anything if I can avoid it. If I spend money on something, I want it to last, and stay in good condition, so I’m careful with all of my possessions, throws included.

That leads to me taking precautions to prevent damage to the throws I care most about. Which means I play over carpet whenever I can, and if I know I won’t have carpet to throw over, I use one of my less-prized throws. Even then, I’m careful with them. Playing purely 1A at this point, it’s easy for me to avoid hitting the ground in most circumstances, I would just rather use one of my cheaper throws (that I still enjoy playing thoroughly), rather than risk one of my favorites. Which means I’ll usually use something replaceable, like my Shutter, Shaqlerstar, Horizon, or Cypher, rather than risk something semi-irreplaceable like my 5/7 Space Cowboy, SPYY Addiction, or Markmont. Next.

Overall, dings aren’t the end of the world, and I don’t lose sleep over them when they happen, but I try my best to avoid any damage to the throws I care about most.

Being afraid to scratch a yo-yo is like buying a soccer ball and being afraid to get it dirty. A yo-yo is a toy. It is also a tool. Toys and tools get scratches. Getting a new yo-yo is like buying a new car. You try to be careful with your new car but you know eventually something is going to happen to it. You can’t live in fear and have fun at the same time.

You get a yoyo and either put it in a case and stare at it or crank it up and Rip!

You get scuffs on your soccerball mud on your dirtbike spots on your T-shirt.

And scratches on your yo-yo no big deal it’s all about having fun.


I’ve never been afraid of dings. So there was nothing to get over.

I don’t think “most” people have the paranoia, though a healthy number do. There are legions of us who will play anytime anywhere with any yoyo.

if you dont miss the string you dont get the ding!

Haha! Nice.

Time for a good area throw rug, or a yoga mat if you’re cheap. :slight_smile:

also get yoga pants.