Dings and Scratches

Hey guys so the other day I was outside playing with my Gauntlet when all of a sudden I heard that good old fashioned ding sound. Ya know the one that makes anyone’s face look like they just ate something sour. Of course at first I was upset, but quickly after a quick check to see if the yoyo was still silky smooth and didn’t have a bent rim I was okay. I guess what I’m asking is how do you feel about your Yoyos after a song or scratch?
Personally as long as it still plays well and it doesn’t bend the rim I’m happy. Most people are so careful with their Yoyos and won’t even play them unless there a 100 pillows around. That’s cool I guess but we have to remember that these are still toys they’re meant to be played with and sometimes things happen. But if you’re not gonna play with it why buy it?
(Unless you collect) I totally understand that.

Depends on the yoyo, some are dingers and beats and I couldn’t care less if they get scratched or dinged up, but some I don’t let leave a carpeted area in fear I’ll ding em lol

PM Me if you have a B!ST Tondo F/T

If your throw isn’t dinged, your not trying hard enough.

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Exactly who are these pillow people of whom you speak?

A "most people with 100 pillows’ >list would work🤓

…As I just mentioned a few months ago; when you throw yoyos; be careful not fearful. Toys are for having fun. If you live in fear you may smack one then you are not having fun.

Being afraid you may damage your yoyo completey kills the fun aspect.

Throw 7075 and Ti, don’t have to worry about dings as much :slight_smile:

I usually don’t buy expensive yoyos which in your case would be something over $50. I stick with either budget metals or plastics. If I do buy an expensive yoyo I only play it indoors on carpet. if I want to yoyo when I take a trip to the mall or something I either bring a plastic or a magic yoyo cause those things are really cheap and give enough performance as more expensive budget metals in the$45 - $50 range so you won’t have to worry about dings or scratches.

I have my beaters and my pristine favs. Some cases two of the same. That way I can enjoy the performance of that throw and not worry. Not everyone can afford to do that. But in the end, dinged or perfect. We just need to enjoy them. It’s all about fun.

I don’t worry about dings and scratches. I play whatever yoyo I feel like for the day. If they get damaged, oh well. If they don’t, hurray! Have fun with the toy. If the throw gets really beat, buy another one.

assuming you have the funds to buy another.

Right, but if someone saves $10-20 a month for 6 months, you could easily buy ALMOST any yoyo, way before the other yoyo is ruined.

there is also the issue on availability, if a yoyo is only a one time run or a limited edition yoyo you’d want to keep it from damaging. but I think this issue only pertains to those who want collect yoyos.

I’m telling you they only mess with your mind.

Exactly, collecting is a completely different animal. If you want to collect, you probably aren’t going to be throwing your prized, mint possessions over gravel everyday.

I guess it depends how bad it is. Most of the time, if the scratch is smooth I don’t worry. If its not, then I take very fine grit sandpaper, like 2000, and lightly go over the spot only to make it feel smooth, not to actually remove the damage because it would just ruin the paint/dye.

Everyone should recognize that those individuals that can Sand or otherwise attempt to minimize yoyo damage are in the minority.

More people are going to cause even greater damage trying to repair ‘damage’. Unless you have the/a touch; detailing a gouge/scratch/visible blemish; will likely involve the surrounding area and just make the ugly part look even uglier.

I am not suggesting that ‘nobody’ attempt to fiddle with their yoyo. I am just saying unless you are gifted with magical natural skills or have gained experience at minimizing yoyo damage; prolly better to just leave scratches/etc. alone or hand the task to a friend that may be capable of not causing additional negative visual impact.

I have an ‘awareness’ of things related to damaged things…

Tips for yoyo buying…

  1. If you buy a yoyo that you are afraid to use; then hopefully you bought it for: some odd investment idea… You just bought it to have a possession… Or you bought it to display it in a case.

Because you didn’t buy it for the toy/playing aspects.

If you bought a yoyo to have fun throwing it; then throw that sucker and get in your smiling practice.

…If you had intended to buy a/the yoyo with the intention of playing it and upon receiving it decide it is just too beautiful to use; then you are simply sitting on dead money.

From that point it just depends on who paid for the yoyo. If your Momma pays for your toys; then I guess it doesn’t matter until yo Momma runs out of Greenery.

If you bounce for your own yoyos; then you will get to a point of having to deal with the financial ramifications of buying stuff you are afraid to use.

A quick review of the first few pages of the BST will indentify individuals that obviously encounter either a financial Epiphany or suddenly realized that buying a new skateboard or a Schoolbook or eating lunch is more pressing than having a $1000 worth of yoyos that you are afraid to possibly bounce off the ground.

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Usually I just used nail filer to flatten the ding spot so that it’s not sharp. It’s pretty easy not to actually caused more damage as long as you’re careful, but then again I’m the fiddly type so maybe it’s difficult for others.
I like buying damaged or wobbly yoyos usually for nearly nothing and then repair it, I can often get a couple of decent yoyos this way, instead of getting one new that I will beat up during play anyway.

I totally understand both sides of the coin.

But personally, I’m not a fan of dings. Even though they give your yoyo character, to me it also removes the novelty aspect of buying a yoyo/ having a yoyo. Even though it doesn’t always affect play, it can still take away from the aesthetics of the yoyo, especially if the one you dinged has a nice colourway.

When I dinged my Manatee I was pretty upset because it was blue and the ding was quite visible. But regardless, you have to move on.

If I can feel the ding, then I sand it out. Otherwise I leave it alone. The first ding always feels bad, but only for a moment :wink:

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