Powder coats and grinds?

How do powder coated yoyos do with grinds?

It depends on the finish. I’ve had some that are really bad for grinding, but there are some custom finished designed for grinds that are good.

Even the most grind friendly powdercoats are only decent for them I think. Can’t beat a good blast.

For whatever reason; powder coats more often than not; have a sort of tacky feel to them. Obviously not ideal for grinds.

Now… if you use a glove; grinds are good. I’ve had guys tell me they dulled the powder finish down with steel wool or scotchbrites. That minimizes the tacky/grabby feel but also kinda defeats the purpose of the powder coat.

Powder coating has very little practical value or functionality for yoyos.

Powder coating is more useful and practical on non-spinning objects.

If the coating is not applied very evenly; your yoyo will not be as fun as it was 'before’:flushed:

Josh Root(Photogeek) was one of the very few people that could do Amazingly good powder coating.

Also mullicabob knows the powder system.

Probably best to resolve that powder coating yoyos is for eye candy looks and no performance related enhancement. It does nothing to improve yoyo play.


This is true. I would also recommend Yoyospirit as well. Shoutout to that dude.

Awww, I’m hurt that you didn’t mention me haha. Powder coating, like any other coating, really only serves to protect the bear metal underneath. Any kind of appearance the coating gives is just a bonus. Anyway, there are powders out there that grind just as well or even better than a blasted finish. PTFE, or teflon, also comes in a powder form, although I haven’t been able to find a place that sells them in low quantities. I would imagine this powder would be insanely nice. But here are the ones that I do have, that have a very slick finish. Also, these have been around for years too.
https://c1.staticflickr.com/2/1687/25679820592_7277a104cb.jpgUntitled by wcyoyospirit, on Flickr
https://c5.staticflickr.com/8/7448/16296946340_9ff459d03c.jpgUntitled by wcyoyospirit, on Flickr
https://c1.staticflickr.com/8/7454/28040637256_7698600858.jpgUntitled by wcyoyospirit, on Flickr


That metallic peak though.

so pretty

Aww, thanks man. I appreciate the shoutout. Been a long time since I’ve fired up the coating gear. But it was a fun project for a while there.

Grinds and powdercoating don’t really go all that well together. There are some textured powders that are better than the more standard glossy powders. But as was said previously, even the “good” powders aren’t anything much more than “okay” in terms of grinding.

So I guess it depends on how important grinds are to you on every single yoyo you own. I have plenty of yoyos and I’m perfectly happy to have some that trade grinding for the cool unique look that powder coating has.

I can confirm that yoyospirt’s textured black powder is actually really nice… it’s on par with softly blasted anodizing, it has a great feel to it.

And this is from somebody who has been mocking powdercoat yoyos for a decade or more.


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