What makes a good grinding yoyo?

If you think you know what makes a good grinding yoyo…PLEASE TELL!!!

The type off finish it has add also so one drops have groves to reduce friction

Maybe the type of metal also? I think 7075s are stickier in grinding than 6061s.


Finish for sure. Some metals don’t grind too well (Metal Drifter/Metal Zero, too grippy) and most plastics don’t grind too well. There are some plastics (being made of delrin/celcon) that glide smooth as glass with minimal slowdown. Plastics with a light texture to it seem to have less friction compared to shiny, smooth plastics.

I have noticed quite the opposite of that.

the best grinding throws are the ones with beadblasts

The alloy of the metal has nothing to do with grinding. Put it this way. If the finish is polished then it will not grind very well but if it is pitted (bead blasting, soda blasting, pyromatte and others) it will grind much better.

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YoYos like the Dietz’s profile

Bingo, we have a winner. And if I might add some yoyos coughonedrop have grooves cut into them that makes even better. Like the code 2, grinds like silk over the skin, (so freaking softly) and it doesn’t seam to slow the yoyo as much.

Blasted surfaces, projection lines, and EXTREME H shapes. The shape depends though. Something like the Battosai won’t grind well because your finger touches that whole H-shaped gap, but something like the Stampede grinds extremely well because your finger only touches the very middle of the gap.

I’ve also noticed the Superwide grinds extremely well, despite not being blasted.

Alloy doesn’t affect anything as far as I know, blasted YYR’s grind well.

The Positron is by far the best grinder I’ve ever played, purely because of the finish I’d say. Pyramatte is pretty slippery, but whatever finish Turning Point is using is like greased teflon. I almost can’t make it bounce off my skin no matter how sloppy my setup toss is.

Yes, yoyo’s like the Stampede, Dietz, Evil Yo etc. all grind well because of;

  1. Their shape. It is a very extreme H-shape (In the case of the Evil Yo it should be a U-shape) that ends in low walls with a nice place for your finger to rest. The yoyo isn’t moving as fast as you go closer, so their is less friction. V-shapes also grind well. I have one that isn’t blasted, just anodized, and it grinds better than most of my others.

  2. Their finish. Bead Blasted, Soda Blasted, Pyramatte etc. How its finished also affects it. The more blasted it is (More time designated to blasting it) the better it will grind. Pyramatte also is a good finish. Grooves also increase grind times by decreasing the amount of skin touching the surface, which reduces friction.

  3. Rim weight. This one’s pretty simple, the more the merrier (At least when grinding).

Wow, I killed this thread. LOL

Hence why Werrd had the grooved versions of their throws…Less Surface Area touching the skin…That and much like what ichthus said, blasting/finish on the yo-yo, due to the same physics concept of Friction on a wheel/circular shape.

For the finishing, it is usually agreed that blasted metals are the best for grinding.
However, shape wise, I think wide and flat shaped yoyos grind better, allowing it to easily stay balanced on your arm. On the other hand, if you try grinding on a yoyo with an extreme h-shape, it’s more likely to fall off your arm, I think.

Actually, extreme H-shapes grind better. More rim weight plus low walls equals better grinding. Its also better if it has a place for your finger to rest. I it’s just a straight H-shape (Think Protostar), then it has more of it touching your finger.

Few yoyos have a place for your arm to rest, right?

Yes, but the less area touching your arm the better.

Funny, I learned to grind on my arm with a (not h shape or good finish) Duncan drifter. Then I moved to a grind machine and various other yos. Maverick was a good grinder I guess. Eventually I got my first full size metal code 2. Wow what a difference. I must have learned the hard way but my grinds are even sicker on my code 2 and Dietz. I guess what im trying to say is you can learn on anything. I’m glad I learned hard because it gave me a better grind in my opinion. Happy throwing.