What kind of yoyos are good for grinding?

i been getting really in to grinding but what are some examples of good yoyos that are good for grinds. Im not going to buy one but if i ever did i just wanted to know

Your question is confusing! Binds or grinds?


Yoyos that are Bead blasted, Candy blasted, canondized, and sand blasted are good for grinds.



hitman, x-convict. Not only good at grinds, but good at every thing else to!!!

DV888 and BOSS.

Any metal with a finish other than candodize.

Hand me any yoyo and I bet it can grind well. Yes including plastic. I’ve found my SFHGs grind just as well as my Wedgie.

Any yoyo that has finish for grind, as mentioned above.
Blasted is nicer for grind than plain anno, in my opinion.

Or just satin one,instanly grindable.

have you ever even tried a candodized yoyo?
They are one of the best grinders out there.
Why all the hate?

Yes he has tried my canodized falcon and the finish is horrible, it just plain sucks, it might work for you but i think its terrible

Duncan metal-z or yyj dark magic

General-Yo 5-Star.

Pretty much anything that isn’t raw polished metal will grind. Some better than others. Anti-yo aluminum yoyos have a really nice finish for grinding. The Teflon coated 401k espionages also have finished that are great for grinds.

The maverick is great for both thumb and arm grinds. Ands it so cheap. I’d get it.

Raw yoyos can definatly grind…

My hands don’t really sweat at all but if there is any moisture in them or humidity, the candodize is REALLY bad. Have YOU tried any candodized yoyo?