Yyf For Grinding?

Which Yoyofactory in the $84.99 selection is the best for grinding? I was thinking Catalyst or maybe the Rockstar2012. Any more suggestions are appreciated. :slight_smile:

As a general rule, yoyofactory doesn’t give many yoyo’s a grinding finish. I have a Skyline that has a grinding surface. I think 888’s have a grinding surface, but I’ve never owned one so I’m not sure about that.

If grinding is a preference, I would look for something that has a treated surface (beadblast, soda blast, etc). I have a one drop burnside $85, which has a pyramatte finish and it’s a much better grinder than any of my other yoyofactories except my skyline.

YYF hasn’t made any blasted Yo-Yo’s recently. There is the Yoyofactory Plastic Grind Machine, but no quite what you are looking for. If you are sure you want a YoYoFactory, the Supernova and the Genesis are, in my opinion, some of their best. Both were designed for 5A, but do 1A very very well.

Really? I am a little let down that YYF isn’t making yoyos with grind-friendly surfaces. Granted, I can’t do grinding yet, nor am I really interested in grinding at the moment, but I know later on, I will be. Also, knowing that some yoyos made by YYF that I am interested in, knowing they aren’t very good grinders, I don’t think that will really alter my position on those yoyos.

I think YYF should reconsider, EVEN if it means a modest price increase. I know YYF wants to keep their products affordable and I know the surface treatments does increase the cost due to time and materials used to do so. I get it. But, YYF is really making a big deal out of stacks, which like grinding, I am not really into, yet 2 or 3 of the 4 YYF metals I am looking at have stacks(maybe that total numbers will grow). It just seems that we’re trading off one option for another. I rarely see people complain about a surface being grind-friendly though. I mean, why not have a grindable surface with stacks? People like options. The more options you can provide, the better people like it. I know I’d pay a bit more to get more functionality even if I don’t want it now, I’ll want it later.

I have played a SuperStar and liked it. The stacks, not of interest to me right now, but it was smooth with the stacks in. Grindable? No way. It was smooth as glass, or at least polished metal.

But, like Swatnoodle says, there is the Grind Machine. If you couldn’t tell from the name, let me tell you this is designed for grinding, however it can’t really do IRG stuff due to the weight ring. It’s got stacks, you can pull start it and do lots of other side grabbing tricks too. It’s not really compatible with Z-stacks. It’s good for 5A too as it’s good good weight but it’s better for 1A. Lots of fun and way below your $85 budget. It’s plastic so you won’t mind it getting beat up a bit. I have one and like it.

The dv888 is an OK grinder. It’s a bit smooth but it’s got enough surface treatment to make it work.

Grindmachine? XD

But yeah most YYFs aren’t great for grinding the best one I have for grinds is the JK. Got to love the satin finish feel.

I read somewhere that YYF is planning on releasing some beadblasted Yo-Yo’s this year. I don’t think they mean new designs, but blasting older designs.

also, many Yo-Yo’s can grind without a beadblast. IE the Dv888 studio mentioned can grind, even though it has no blasting on it. I would NOT suggest the superstar for grinding, as I found it to be a pretty bad grinder without a blast. The genesis, on the other hand, grinds well without a blast.

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I think adding the beadblasting will add a nice option that I think would equate to sales. I’m willing to hold back some purchases. I’m in no hurry.

As I said, people like options. I like the feel of the surface treatments. Even if I don’t care about grinding, I want it as an an option. While I’m not super into stacks, I do want it as an option, but for that I’ll concede and buy yoyos compatible with hubstack as an option. I find that to be an acceptable compromise.

Right now I’m stashing cash for a Canvas, and ensuring I have funds for a Code 2. Then I’m gonna be stockpiling cash for spending at BAC when I’m not doing sound at it. I already know what I want and where I am going to get it from! But, I had some stuff come up so I may put the Canvas on the back-burner.

I’ve owned quite a few of yyf’s high-end metals and the JK grinds better than all of them :stuck_out_tongue:

I wonder why a $21.00 yo-yo would grind better than a yo-yo that cost $100+…

You noticed that too? I bought the JK and was like: This is one of the smoothest grind surfaces on a yo-yo I’ve ever seen.

The surface might have machining lines. The high end yyf don’t have feelable machining lines, and have a completely smooth surface. Makes it shinier, but also creates more friction on contact.

Surprised at the response I’m getting. :slight_smile: My Super G is great for grinds, I was more asking which has the best shape for grinding. I know yyf’s finishes aren’t the best.

It’s usually a finish question.

The more rounded shapes seem to be better in my opinion.

Pretty sure that the JK has a kind of Satin finish because they were Dancing Pearls but then YYF took it and sanded any flaws out then anodized and laser engraved it.

I know YYF took the idea from aoda, but I’m pretty sure they manufactured them, not just taking the dancing pearls and re-anoing them. Lot’s of times the grinding has more to do with the shape than the finish.

I have a 888 that had almost a satined finish and was good for grinding and have a catalyst that has a similar finish. They are not as good as some other finishes out there but they are much better then the finish on my supernova that is not very good for grinds at all.