What is your favorite grinding yoyo?


I want to get an awesome grinding yoyo for about 65 or 70 bucks i already checked out the x-cube stampede and they say its awesome but it is 135 bucks so thats too much
What is your favorite grinding yoyo for the price range that i gave and any recommendations would be greatly appreciated


YYF CZM84VK. Perculiar texture but grinds fantastically.

Best grinding surface I’ve ever seen is in the General yo Majesty but that’s a bit expensive…


That… And get some monkey buff to make it grind even better ;D


SPYY Pro is probably my favourite. Deadly SpINS Wrath is up there, too.


Zeekio Core.

The Surface is perfection.


The XLR8 should be a really good YoYo for grinds. And you can get a pair with the money you plan on spending. The C3 Speedaholic also looks good for grinds and you can get 2 and still be able to buy the XLR8 :wink:


Spin Dynamics Smooth Move. It is quite expensive, but it is the best Grinder I ever used. The exaggerated rims reduce the Friction for more grinds and a grind within a combo and not at the end. I would pop the caps out so you can have an easier time with Thumb grinds.


I second this, and anything from Monkeyfinger are pretty much the best grinders ever.


The Evil Yo KILLS grinds.


I especially like the Evil Yo’s finish out of all the MonkeyfingeR throws, because the blast is more aggressive. I think they had to tone it down because it was cutting strings. The shape on it is perfect for grinding too.

(kclejeune) #11

Anything with a grunt bull blast… General Yo Majesty is amazing also.