what is your favorite grinding yoyo ( please read need your help yoyoers :p)

i can only get one throw currently no matter what is its price i want it to be great at all grind types and super stable and long spinning and good for tech tricks i dont care about.shape and i like heavier yoyos that have a good feeling to thrm thats whats important

Well the 6061 blasted Super G comes to mind

As far as grinding goes, I would say the wrath. It’s not very heavy though. The skywalker as well, great grinding but on the lighter side. The avalanche is also a good grinder and it’s a little bit beaver than those. The puffin is also a decent grinder. I’m terrible at thinking of heavy throws because I tend to use lighter throws. Um… Moonwalk is also good, but good luck finding one. If I think of any others, I’ll let you know.

SPYY Pro if you can find one. SPYY Dynamo isn’t super-heavy, but tends to feel just a little bit shy of “floaty”, so it’s not just a lightweight throw.

Bio mallues is hands down the best grinder I have ever had.

Of the yoyos I’ve tried, the MagicYoyo N12

Based on what I’ve tried, a magic yoyo n12, clyw cliff, and a deadly spins wrath… all of them are good grinders, metals, and one of them is only $30 but plays like a $100+ yoyo

Square Wheels Royale.


This. and the Cliff :slight_smile:

Chief and KLR

Well the Stampede seems like it would work well. And I’m pretty sure the one of the spin dynamics throws was built around grinding.

Kuyo star xD

BvM2 is excellent for grinds, especially once you throw some Buff Polish on it :wink: and it fits all your other criteria.

The 888 is heavy and amazing for grinds. It’s not very stable though. It will sleep a very long time on good throw and on a pull start.

Is the summit good for grinds?

The chief or arctic circle.

My favorite for grinds…

The Monkey Finger Evil-Yo or Zeekio Core.

Klr is a great grinder, as is the avalanche.

The all time best grinding yoyo to me is the lazer blasted augie vs. boyd bvm but it doesn’t fit the other requirements. Pretty sure one of hte blasted general yo’s would grind find though and meet the other requirements as well