Looking for the "best" grinding yoyo


I want a yoyo that is really good at grind tricks. The more kinds it is good at, the better. Heavier yoyos preferred (65g and up). Suggest any and all you think live up to a great grinding yoyo. It would be even better if it was a very durable yoyo like 7075 or something like that. Thanks again!

(InvaderDust) #2

best grinding yoyo ive ever thrown by FAR is the Manatee.


The manatee is really good at grinding! I’ve been thinking about going that route again :blush::thinking:


Yep manatee rocks at grinding. Horizon is good too. And the soda blast on the markmont classic is phenomenal too.


new Puffin


I’ll have to check that out and see what it looks like! :slight_smile:

Edit: that looks like a really comfortable yoyo! The shape is beautiful!

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I want that one, but I have Puffin 1 in Hotfirelava and Puffin 2 in Hotfirelava, so natrually i have to wait until puffin 3 gets hotfirelava.


Tried yesterday that of Blanchard, summertide colorway, really impressive for the grinds


By those criteria, I recommend the Vertas Pro. It has machined Polycarbonate hubs for excellent Fingerspins. Of course there are many yoyos with great Fingerspin centering systems, but what makes the VP stand out is that the 7075 ring creates a nice IGR. The small size makes it easy to do Matador Play (Does that count as a grind?), and pull starts using the dimples.

It doesn’t have the best finish for Finger, Palm, or Arm Grinds; but it has a good finish for them; way better than it looks. It looks like it’s too shiny to be good at them.

So, good to excellent at Finger Grinds, Palm Grinds, Arm Grinds, Thumb Grinds, Talon Grinds, Fingerspins, Matador Play, and Pull Starts; all while being a nice playing yoyo. Because of this, it’s my usual EDC.

It’s 65g.

I’d like to add that it’s one of the highest quality Chinese Machined yoyos I own. Super smooth, unscrews and screws back together nicely, and doesn’t require a bearing removal tool.


Woah! I haven’t seen that before! Dang, you guys are coming up with some good ones! The decisions, the decisions.


Nd ultra

Update: its got durability aswell because it is 7068


Good call! The shape looks great for it and yoyofactory finishes are almost always pretty darn good for grinds. I liked the d10 but it wasn’t durable enough to me.


I don’t have the ND Ultra, but if it’s like the Horizon Ultra, it has an excellent grind surface, that is somewhat negated by it’s light weight. They are both 63g or so. Note, I’m not saying it’s not a great yoyo!

Also, keeping in line with the “good for the most types of grinds” idea, you might consider the Space Krown Ultra. I don’t have that one either, but it has that same awesome finish and material, is 65g, looks like it has a decent cup for FSs, and has an IGR…

I wish I had bought one instead of the Horizon Ultra.


MFD Caesar all day!


NINE Dragons lol

But srsly, the Space Crown can finger grind for over 11 secs

(Priyanka) #16

The Yoyofactory Marco grinds for days!

(Jacob Waugh) #17

YYO Vector was designed for grinds. It has axle nubs, so fingerspins don’t work too well. :frowning: It can still handle Talon grinds, finger grinds, and thumb grinds.


My vote is for the ND Ultra

(Brian Datz) #19

For me, it has to be a diamond blasted Banshee, Sengoku Coldfire, or YoYoFriends Magpie. While none of these have a specific finger spin indent, all are totally capable of doing them and their profile designs are really good for talon and finger grinds. I think thumb grinds are probably not doable, but I haven’t seen a lot of these recently :slight_smile:

(eldollo) #20

Probably not ‘The Best’ but I really like the Surveil for grinds