Looking for the "best" grinding yoyo

(Ken) #22

Duncan roadrunner

({John15}) #23

I’m surprised that no one has mentioned the clyw compass. That thing is a grind machine! Silky smooth finish, nice V shape that sits on your finger well, it’s got a fat angled lip for thumb grinds, and a hub for finger spins.


There are so many great throws that grind well, but now that people mentioned it, the #yyfndultra does grind SUPER WELL! I agree! :slight_smile:

(InvaderDust) #25

All this time later, Manatee still is my #1 grinding yoyo. . . by far

(Jacob Waugh) #26

I believe that.

(Zakai) #27

Of my yoyos, the Topyo Raiser grinds the best.


Another vote here for the CLYW Manatee. I can’t do any fancy grind tricks but there is something so satifying about landing a finger grind and leaving it spin there for a while before binding it back up. Very relaxing!


any yyf ultra yoyo rocks, my personal fave is the SPU. it has a waaaAAAAYYY better finish than their 6061 models (d10)


I’ll tell you which I prefer after Christmas…


Hot Diggidy is a good entry at $30. Second run is bead blasted all over including the cup. Thumb grind ring, finger spin dimple, gap that rides finger grinds. It’s crazy good - one of the best performers around and only $30. It’s a throw I think everyone would enjoy.




(InvaderDust) #33

Have to add YoyoFriends’ Magpie to this list of excellent grinders.

(Carson Reid) #34

monkeyfinger caesar if you can find one. no idea why, but it will sit on your finger until it completely stops spinning, you don’t even have to balance it.

(Priyanka) #35

Yoyofactory and Nate really went all out when designing the ND. You can tell they put the extra effort into it and the results are amazing. Yyf ND is the best grinding yoyo I own. ND Ultra is really good as well.

(Jim Honaker) #36

I like the ND as well but I can’t love it for some reason. Just a preference thing I guess. For grinding, with my limited ability, I judge one by doing a short little combo. I like to throw a breakaway and pull it up to a finger grind for 2 seconds then transfer to a talon grind for two seconds, throw the string over and expect a solid bind. Real simple. I do really well with the Shutter Wide Angle, Edge, Boost, and the Hatchet +. The Wide Angle being the best.

(David Hough) #37

My vote is for the diamond blasted 2019 G2 Pelican. That finish is exquisite.