Which one is your best grinder?

Well i have gone threw them and have came to terms that my rasberry OD Top Deck deff. has the best grinding surface out of all of mine. Whats yours?

My d10 works all around the best for different types of grinds I think.


My horizon is awesome at grinds


My wolf is pretty nice.


Yyf old superstar

Tempo or Sherpa. Both have simply buttery blasts on them. Best ever was probably the AMS Tundra I had.

The Sherpa? Really? That’s surprising. Awesome to hear though!

Im super surprized that the Manatee isnt far and away a winner here. :o

Yup. At least the black version, but every color should have the same blast; the other colors just look a bit more reflective like they don’t have as nice of a blast. But it definitely surprised me.

I don’t doubt the Manatee is awesome, but there are tons of throws with blasts that are every bit as good. And, not everybody has tried a Manatee.

Rook, I’m always amazed by how long it grinds. I think it not just the surface, but that combined with the smoothness and spin power. Same for the Kenshin, which comes in 2nd for me. Haven’t tried a Manatee.

Manatees do a surprisingly great job of grinding! Too wide for my likings though. Then again, the d10 is pretty wide as well…

I think its wide-ness is what helps keep the decay slow also.

I would say the horizon because it stays so stable during the grind. And for plastic throws I can only think of my 2sickyoyo Pawn. The polycarbonate blasted is just awesome!

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I’d have to agree. The pawn is definitely the best plastic for grinds

OG Yeti is pretty good if your hands are dry. Rally isn’t too bad either. And I’m guessing 2skillzskully boneblasted plastics are pretty damn good.

Kodiak shocked me. The first time I did a grind, it seemed to go on forever.

I have many that are really good. But as far as the blast is concerned, my banshee with the diamond blast grinds amazing. Seems like i can grind longer with it than anything else I have and still have the speed to bind it back.