Best yoyo for grinds?

Hey, do you guys know or have played with a yoyo that is really good at grinds? All kinds like arm, finger, thumb, and anything else? Are there some great finishes that help this too? All input would be appreciated. Yoyos, brands, finishes, etc.

Thanks in advance!

GeneralYo has the best finish IMO, and a lot of people agree

I would go ahead and grab a YYF Dv888 or Yuuksta. Both Grind Extrmely well in every catogory, not to mention just Amazing overall. :wink:

i’d go with he dv888 because off the platabilty of string tricks incliuding one of the best grinds ever!!!
It doesnt have a ridge for thumbgrind but it`s just good at thumb grinds!!|!! super uber finish for finger and palm grinds. its just so good. even smoother than a maverick!! (i know maverick sucks)

3 of my favorites.

One Drop Y-Factor.
YoYoFactory Grind Machine 2.
YoYoFactory Yuuksta.

Bead-blasted throws tend to grind amazingly. One of my all-time best grinders was my No.9 by Rec Rev. Simply AMAZING finish. All of the Rec Rev throws seem to have the same finish, so they would grind just as well. The grinds seemed to last forever! Second to the No.9 is my OneDrop Dingo. They have a Pyramatte finish that grinds quite well too.

There have been many post of this, so use the search next time. Any yoyo thats annoed or blasted will grind good,but it depends mainly on how good you are with grinds.

Sorry, I searched “yoyos good for grinds” and nothing came up.

All bead blasted yoyos grind amazing and I have found that my hubstacked genesis grinds amazing

The Grind Machine. ;D

like others have been saying, beadblasted is the way to go. I would recommend a Spyy Radian MKII (if you can find one) or a BBYY TT… ive owned both, and both have owned at grinds

Bassalope grinds real well… and the addiction V2…

Any Onedrop, especially the MarkMont Next, MarkMont, Project, Project 2, and Y Factor.

My bbyy bully is great at thumb grinds, my punchline repeater is my favorite for stalls, and for finger grinds i like my yoho BvM (the finish seems different than other BvMs ive tried, i dont know why) and my ilyy josy-ann. but its mostly up to your prefrence.

PUnchy Punchline bro

To sum up what alot of people are saying: Any all metal yoyo grinds awesome.

Aside from metals though, my suggestion is the YYJ Hitman PRO. It plays and grinds just like an all metal; and is cheaper than the Dv888 for example. Alot of all metal yoyos are expensive. With the Hitman PRO, it plays just like one for alot less money.