Best Grinder possible

What is the best yoyo for grinding that you can think of (be creative)? For me, its either a Stampede given the Orange peel finish, dipped in ILYY’s Pearl 2.0, then sodablasted; or a beadblasted 3YO3 Grind King.

monkey finger evil yo

Best grinder out of my collection would be the Dang.

bio malleus.

mostly any of the polished fhz’s

String Theory Singularity, CLYW Wooly Marmot, and One Drop Burnside

Be original! Don’t just tell us about a throw in your collection, but if you were to take any yoyo and soup it up to be an amazing grinder, what would you do?

I would imagine a sand blasted, teflon coated, 888.

Hmm. In that case a Teflon Code1 with Ti weight rings and Lego side effects.

YYF Whistler with a miniature turbo fan inside each yoyo half. The air blowing out the whistle holes would make it glide across your arm like an air hockey puck.


VsNyyc septopus given general yo’s beadblast


This is a troll, a Subway Melt.

soda blasted thunder wasp :slight_smile:

it has to be the Stampede, best grinder I’ve played, by far

Not the YYF grind machine

actually the yyf grind machine grinds quite well

the stampede just grinds for days n days. I could easily bust out 10 second finger grinds and bind afterwards on it.
the best thing I can fathom? make a stampede with a motor like the hyper yo infinity. :stuck_out_tongue:

I really want to try a Stampede, or Monkey Finger, both look like great grinders. Did anyone see the new One Drop Proto? Not the Code 2. It looks like it might be a beast of a grinder. Right now my Burnside is my personal best grinder so that is all I can comment on. But I can only get maybe 2 or 3 seconds and then I’m done. Haven’t spent a ton of time practicing on it yet.

Due to many of you guys not being the community as long as others, you guys have not been thoroughly introduced to every throw out there.

The best possible grinder is known as the “Underdog” created by Matt Schmidt. It was also one of the first metal based throws in the big wave of Metal throws at the time. The reason that in my honest opinion that it is the best grinder out of all yoyos I have tried is because of the Teflon coating that it utilizes.

So amazing.